Apartment decor for word nerds

As a professional editor, it should come as no surprise that I love words. Not only on the page, in crossword puzzles or on the National Spelling Bee, but as decorations in my apartment. Old books, magazines, Scrabble tiles and computer keyboards can all be repurposed into unique decor items for the word-loving apartment dweller. Here are a few of my favorite ideas from around the web:

Scrabble tiles: Make your own magnetic poetry for the fridge with old Scrabble letters attached to magnets, fashion them into picture frames, or make some clever yet practical coasters like these from Domestic for Dummies. I made four of my own last weekend with card stock, a glue gun and some mod podge for a glossy finish.

Books: Chances are, the only thing the books on your bookshelves do is collect dust and show your guests that not only did you read the Twilight series, but you are not ashamed to have it on display in your living room. Put these pages to better use by decoupaging them onto a light switch plate (buy your own and replace it with the original when you move out), covering a couple pillar candles or making a wreath like this one from Stylelist.

Magazines: As a teenager, my absolute favorite activity was making collages with pictures of my favorite actors and musicians from magazines and plastering them on my bedroom walls. As a married woman, I don't think I can get away with putting up pictures of Channing Tatum all over the house, but I can make my love for magazines known with garbage cans or picture frames made out of them (easy to find at gift shops, or make your own with guidance from Home Made Simple). Always Chrysti has more than 100 ideas for reusing magazines.

Keyboards: This one may require some tools for dismantling your old keyboards (does anyone actually use desktop computers at home anymore?), but those keys can make great magnets, thumb tacks or picture frames. Check out these examples from Pretty Nerdy Things.

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