Oscar recap: Lloyd laments

Lloyd: Well it’s over. Time to recap. Time to recoup. Overall, this year’s Oscar production was not so great. I think the best example of this was the fact that the Academy decided to put the Oscar orchestra off site at the Capitol Records building. WTF. Also, who decided that the theme from Jaws was fitting as a queue for people to wrap up their speeches? Seth McFarlane? Let’s not see him next year, or ever, hopefully.

Oh, why am I still alive? Jake, I thought you were supposed to shoot me in the face if Ang Lee won?

Movie TalkSo I think this evening was rather boring, which was expected. Although Jennifer Lawrence was a nice moment. But honestly, I felt that Chastain should have won - I think that would have been more just.

Daniel Day-Lewis, Argo, Ang Lee, blah blah blah, I knew it would happen. Although I was surprised that Mark Boal lost to Quentin Tarantino. But I probably shouldn’t have been, just like I shouldn’t have been surprised that Waltz won. Even though my heart wanted De Niro to win. Too bad.

The saddest moment for me was when I learned that Harry Savides had died. He was a wonderful cinematographer. He did Sophia Coppola's Somewhere, a film I had seen a couple years ago and loved. I was actually rather sad by that.

I’ve probably had one too many bottles, sorry, glasses of wine, so excuse any disjointed language here. Just imagine what Jessica Chastain will say when she bumps into Jennifer Lawrence at the Vanity Fair party. Again, apologies.

Jake: Lloyd, the tickets to Austin for tonight were a little out of my price range. Also, I was waiting on the appropriate background and mental health checks.

I went to an Oscar party tonight, and I had one of the worst Oscar ballots there. Seriously, I got everything wrong. Except for Argo. We got Argo, Lloyd. I was pretty surprised by Jennifer Lawrence. She was very good in SLP, but it still surprised me that she got it over Jessica Chastain and Emmanuelle Riva. It felt right that she fell. SHE'S LIKE A NORMAL PERSON. I didn't have my phone, but the Twitterverse surely exploded when that happened.

She also gave one of the best speeches of the night, I thought. She really seemed stunned. Ben Affleck's speech also felt very authentic. I like those. That's the best part about some of the earlier categories. The winners so often just look blown away. I started to imagine what I'd say if I won an Academy Award. I'd probably start by saying that my mom watches the show every year, and I still can't believe that I'm on it. Which then got me thinking about whom I would invite. I would definitely bring my mom. I intend to have a beagle later in life, so I'd also try to get a ticket for the beagle.

I was a bit surprised by Tarantino's win, as well, although he gave a great speech.

And I actually didn't think Seth McFarlane was horrible, although I admit that I couldn't hear a lot of what he said because of the nature of this Oscar party. All in all, I thought the night was entertaining, Ang Lee withstanding.

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