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El Camino: Watching the World Cup in the Texas Panhandle

El Camino: Watching the World Cup in the Texas Panhandle
On the road today, we had one goal. At 2 p.m. central we would stop to watch the Brazil vs. Mexico World Cup soccer game. We drove outside of Dallas and into northwest Texas along U.S. Route 83. We planned to make it to Oklahoma or Kansas by evening. I calculated that we could travel... Read more »

Latino Republicans make gains but Democrats don't need to panic...yet

The mid-term results may have been bad for many Democrats but across the country Latino candidates came out winners. Interestingly, several of them were Republican. Gov-elect Susana Martinez of New Mexico In New Mexico, Republican Susana Martinez was elected governor making her the first Latina governor in the United States. Martinez, 50, is a district... Read more »

My message to Arizona: The only green card I have is American Express

My mom once rode the Greyhound bus through South Texas. She was returning from a funeral in her home town of Carrizo Springs, and a U.S. immigration official got on the bus. “¡Papeles!” he started shouting asking for people’s papers. My mom had been napping and was confused. She saw a uniform and thought he... Read more »