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Where are you from?

It happens almost every time I get in a cab. “Where are you from?” The Indian cab driver stares at me through the rear view mirror. “You look Indian,” he says. “Yeah, a lot of cabbies tell me that. I’m not from India,”  I say. “You don’t look like an American,” he says. I let out a deep sigh.... Read more »

Chicanisima on 3@3 with Steve Edwards at WBEZ

Chicanisima on 3@3 with Steve Edwards at WBEZ
Chicanísima was on the 3@3 segment of The Afternoon Shift Monday with Steve Edwards of WBEZ 91.5, Chicago Public Media. Edwards, Chicago Reader reporter Mick Dumke and Chicanísima’s Teresa Puente reviewed some hot topics in the news. They discussed the Bulls losing Derrick Rose to an injury, upcoming May Day protests and drugs in Chicago... Read more »

Gil Scott-Heron's Revolution...¡Que viva la revolución!

La revolución will not be televisedYou will not see la revolución on Fox News, CNN or even UnivisiónLa revolución is not telenovelas, reality TV or talk radio La revolución is not Sarah-zonaLa revolución is not Jan Brewer’s SB1070La revolución will not be upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court La revolución is not Cinco de MayoLa... Read more »

Finding faith on Day of the Dead

Photo by Mark Butkus Once I drove through Michoacan, Mexico, where night vigils in the cemeteries lit up the town. I took the road around Lake Patzcuaro stopping where flowers and candles decorated the graves. In one home, a life-size altar had been built and family members greeted neighbors and strangers alike with food and... Read more »

Chicanisima debated immigration with callers on Chicago Now Radio on WGN

I was on the Chicago Now Radio program broadcast on WGN Radio today. I discussed Arizona’s new immigration law and the immigration marches planned in Chicago and across the country. Listen to me get into a debate with a caller over why I use the word undocumented and not “illegal.” Check it out here.

Talking politics on Chicago Now Radio

WGN Radio 720 is hosting Chicago Now Radio every Saturday morning. I was one of the bloggers on the show this morning with host Bill Leff and also Dennis Byrne of “The Barbershop” blog. We had a great conversation about everything from Sarah Palin to Rigo Padilla. Hope we can continue the conversation online and... Read more »

Chicago Association of Hispanic Journalists to launch new Web site with Community News Matters award

The Chicago Association of Hispanic Journalists (CAHJ) was granted a Community News Matters award to create a new Web site to promote the work of Chicago-area Latino journalists, to publish freelance reporters and to train and mentor student and citizen journalists. The award was announced today by the Chicago Community Trust and CAHJ will receive... Read more »

I speak "Spitaliano"

Some friends came to visit me in Florence, where I taught a travel writing class for the last month, and we decided to venture to the other side of the Arno, the river that divides the city. To me, the other side of the river is quieter and less ridden with tourists. We crossed the... Read more »

Sotomayor on her way to being confirmed to Supreme Court

Well the hearing is over and the Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to vote as soon as next week on Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor. There’s no doubt in my mind that she will be confirmed by the full Senate before their recess on Aug. 7, and will become the first Latina on the Supreme... Read more »

Listen Limbaugh: Sonia Sotomayor is not a racist

The right-wing attacks against Sonia Sotomayor are out of control. Newt Gingrich has called Sotomayor a “Latina woman racist.” Rush Limbaugh called her a “reverse racist.” He said that about President Obama too. Former Colorado Republican Rep. Tom Tancredo on CNN called one of the group’s Sotomayor has been affiliated with, the National Council of... Read more »