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Shakira appointed to education commission by President Obama

Shakira appointed to education commission by President Obama
Pop singer Shakira was given an appointment in the Obama Administration Wednesday. ¿Qué? What? At first I thought this was a Hispanic Heritage Month joke. But seriously the Colombian-born singer was appointed to serve on the president’s Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanics, according a White House press release. I first wondered what makes... Read more »

Happy Valentine's Day - My Top 10 Latino love songs

Happy Valentine's Day - My Top 10 Latino love songs
It’s Valentine’s Day and I’m not the type who likes to give or receive sappy cards or candy. Plus flowers make me sneeze. So I’m offering to my friends and loved ones a gift of music. Here are my top 10 Latino music love songs in English or Spanish. Some songs are about losing love,... Read more »

World Cup action, Mexico and South Africa tie in the first game. Shakira shakes it in opening ceremony.

While much of Chicago was waiting for the Blackhawks victory rally and parade to start, there were plenty of other people watching Mexico play South Africa in the first game of the World Cup. Mexico and South Africa tied 1-1. It was an awesome game. I watched it in my living room but was connected... Read more »

Blackhawks victory and World Cup should inspire more diversity in sports

The Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup and now the World Cup is about to begin. It’s a little crazy to follow all this for a sports novice like myself. But I’m so happy the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup after 49 years and to see how such a victory brings together people of all backgrounds.... Read more »

Soundstrike: Musicians to boycott Arizona, including Kanye West, Juanes and Los Tigres del Norte

Musicians from the world of rap to rock and Latin music are now calling for a boycott of Arizona due to the new immigration law passed there. Zach de la Rocha Among them are Chicago-raised Kanye West, hip-hop’s Cypress Hill, Colombian rocker Juanes and Mexican banda Los Tigres del Norte. Leading the boycott is Zach... Read more »

Shakira is the latest to protest Arizona's immigration law

The protests against Arizona’s immigration law continue. Pop star Shakira is the latest to join the protest. She is actually going to Arizona Thursday and will meet with Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon, who also has criticized the new law that will result in racial profiling of Latinos. Phoenix Vice Mayor Michael Nowakowski  will escort Shakira... Read more »

Shakira is a sell out but she helps the children

Some of my friends told me I was too hard in a blog post I wrote earlier this week about the singer Shakira and her new album “She Wolf.“ Photo from the Barefoot Foundation I basically said the Colombian singer Shakira was a sell out for dying her hair blonde and using sex to sell... Read more »

Shakira sells out

Why do some pop stars think they have to act and dress like strippers to sell music? Shakira’s Album Artwork – Portadas Discos I’m talking about Colombian singer Shakira and her music video called “She Wolf” off her new album. I recently saw it on a video screen at a bar. And it really ticked... Read more »

Mercedes Sosa gone but not forgotten

Mercedes Sosa, Latin America’s greatest folk singer, died Sunday. In Chicago, her memory will be celebrated this Thursday night with an homage starting after 8 p.m. at El Ñandu restaurant, 2731 W. Fullerton Ave.   Sosa’s influence on the music world was great and her last CD “Cantora” was recently released in the United States.... Read more »

WNUA loss is a gain for Latin pop

It was a loss for jazz lovers when WNUA 95.5 announced it was ending their jazz programming. Luckily, another station WLFM-LP, 87.7 FM, is switching to a smooth jazz format, reported Phil Rosenthal in the Chicago Tribune. As a jazz lover (so bummed I missed Jazz Fest in New Orleans this year), I’m happy to... Read more »