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Interview with Rigo Padilla

Rigo Padilla was riding the Pink Line train when he got a phone call from his lawyer that immigration officials would allow him to stay in the United States. “I was hopeful this would happen. I tried to remain positive and just focus on school,” said Padilla shortly after he got the good news from... Read more »

Rigo Padilla granted stay of deportation

Rigo Padilla was granted a one-year deferment of deportation. More details to come after ICIRR press conference.

Rigo Padilla's lawyer meeting with immigration officials today

There may be some new developments today in the case of Rigo Padilla. Padilla’s lawyer is meeting this morning at the downtown Chicago offices of ICE, Immigration Customs and Enforcement. “We hope that what we end up with is a celebration,” Joshua Hoyt, executive director of the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, said... Read more »

Rigo Padilla could be deported in one week

In one week, Rigo Padilla could be deported back to Mexico. There are only a few ways it can be stopped. Immigration Customs and Enforcement can show mercy and give him a stay of deportation. Congress could pass a private bill to stop the deportation of this local young man. U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) ... Read more »

Chicago City Council passes resolution in favor of immigrants

The Chicago City Council passed a resolution Wednesday in support of the DREAM Act and against the planned deportation of a local college student Rigo Padilla, who I’ve written blog posts about before. The vote was 49 to 1 with only Ald. James Balcer voting against it. Now this is largely a symbolic measure as... Read more »

Stop the deportation of Rigo Padilla

In a little over a month Rigo Padilla faces deportation. He is a college student who made a mistake – drinking and driving. I wrote a blog post and interviewed Padilla in August. This morning a group of immigrant rights activists including Ald. George Cardenas and Ricardo Estrada, executive director of the Erie Neighborhood House,... Read more »

A few beers and now this student faces deportation

The Obama Administration is blindly enforcing immigration laws that would end in the deportation of  promising college students and recent graduates whose parents brought them to the United States as children.   Rigo Padilla moved from Mexico to Chicago when he was 6 years old. He is now 21, a student at the University of... Read more »