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Virgil Peck suggested shooting immigrants in Kansas and a Native American lawmaker in Oklahoma said immigrants "not wanted"

You probably heard about the comments made by a Kansas state legislator Virgil Peck that we should shoot illegal immigrants like hogs. But sadly this type of ignorance, which he was forced to apologize for, isn’t just limited to Kansas. I was in Oklahoma recently for a conference called Immigration in the Heartland and with... Read more »

Former undocumented immigrants tell stories from the Heartland

I’m in Oklahoma this week for an immigration reporting fellowship called Immigration in the Heartland. I want to tell you about two immigrants I’ve met who have amazing success stories, Marcelino Garcia and Merys Jimenez. Marcelino Garcia Marcelino Garcia first crossed the border when he was 15. He walked from Tijuana to Los Angeles, a... Read more »

In America's Heartland, church leaders support immigrant rights

I’m in Oklahoma, a state that passed an anti-immigration law in 2007 and is proposing new ones that target undocumented immigrants and the people who would help them. I’m here with a group of journalists for a reporting fellowship called Immigration in the Heartland. We met Sunday with church leaders and immigrants in Oklahoma City.... Read more »