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Jesus Garcia wins, Rudy Lozano Jr. close, victory for reform-minded Latino politicians

It has been 11 years since Jesus G. “Chuy” Garcia has held political office. He’s made a comeback and was elected a Cook County Commissioner in the 7th District defeating incumbent Joseph Mario Moreno. Jesus G. “Chuy” Garcia with Univision reporter and supporters on election night “I am elated,” said Garcia who claimed victory while... Read more »

Mujica, Garcia among independent Latino candidates running in Illinois primary

By my count there are more than 30 Latino candidates on the primary ballot this Tuesday. It’s great to see so many Latino politicians participating in the political process and many of them have an independent voice. Who knows maybe one day we’ll see a Latino mayor of Chicago or a Latino president. But for... Read more »

San Telmo is like Buenos Aires' Wicker Park

I’ve arrived in Buenos Aires and I’m staying in a neighborhood called San Telmo.Imagine cobble stone streets with run-down art nouveau buildings filled with cafes, shops and parillas (where you can eat grilled meat). Some locals consider the neighborhood kind of edgy and it’s a bohemian hipster zone, which is under going a gentrification sort of... Read more »

Sonia Sotomayor doesn't like commercialization of "wise Latina."

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor said recently that she is troubled that “wise Latina” remark she made has been turned into a slogan sold on T-shirts, buttons and coffee cups. “I can’t tell you the number of people who come up to me and hug and kiss me and touch me, and some of them... Read more »

President Obama more popular with Latinos than whites

A recent poll administered by Latino Decisions found President Obama has a 74 percent approval rating among Latino voters. This is startling especially when you consider a recent Gallup poll found the president only has a 39 percent approval rating among whites. Also the new Latino Decisions poll found that Latino voters rank health care... Read more »

Stop the deportation of Rigo Padilla

In a little over a month Rigo Padilla faces deportation. He is a college student who made a mistake – drinking and driving. I wrote a blog post and interviewed Padilla in August. This morning a group of immigrant rights activists including Ald. George Cardenas and Ricardo Estrada, executive director of the Erie Neighborhood House,... Read more »