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Narcobloqueos make it dangerous to deport immigrants to Mexico

Snowmaggedon 2011. Protests and attacks on journalists in Egypt. These have been the two main headlines capturing our attention with the Snowtormenta stranding some of us at home this week. But there is news in the rest of the world. A friend of mine in Guadalajara, Mexico, sent me a link to a story that... Read more »

Latino Republicans make gains but Democrats don't need to panic...yet

The mid-term results may have been bad for many Democrats but across the country Latino candidates came out winners. Interestingly, several of them were Republican. Gov-elect Susana Martinez of New Mexico In New Mexico, Republican Susana Martinez was elected governor making her the first Latina governor in the United States. Martinez, 50, is a district... Read more »

I walked into a Tea Party protest in New Mexico

The Tea Party people used Tax Day to rally across the country. I’m in New Mexico this week for a board meeting of women journalists (JAWS) and in Santa Fe I stumbled upon a Tea Party protest. It’s interesting that in a state the Census shows is almost 45 percent Hispanic and almost 10 percent... Read more »

Some English-only advocates can't spell

If you’re going to support English-only laws, you should know one thing. Spelling. A friend of mine recently sent me this link to Dribbleglass with these photos and more of English-only advocates and anti-immigrant demonstrators. Check out all the spelling errors. I can’t decide if this is funny or scary. One thing is certain. Language... Read more »

What's wrong with speaking Spanish?

People are getting into trouble for speaking Spanish these days. At a hotel in New Mexico (of all places) the owner, Larry Whitten, ordered his employees to stop speaking Spanish and to Anglicize their names. And the owner fired some employees who refused to conform to his rules, according to an Associated Press story. And... Read more »