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Mexican journalist killed for using social media

Mexican journalist killed for using social media
An employee of a Mexican newspaper was found murdered this past weekend in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. The 39-year-old victim worked at Primera Hora and was found decapitated and there was a warning left next to her body believed to be from drug cartels. She was reportedly killed for using social media to report on drug... Read more »

Murder of Chicago-based diplomat Jaime Almonte Borja makes me question my own safety as I travel in Mexico

I’ve been off the radar the last week or so driving around Mexico. Puerto Vallarta. Photo by Teresa Puente. I celebrated New Year’s Eve in Puerto Vallarta where I watched fireworks on the beach. I visited some beach towns north of there called Sayulita and Chacala and also travelled to the Costa Alegre or the... Read more »

MAC Rodarte makeup named for Juarez is not pretty

M.A.C Rodarte ad for new makeup line I don’t know any woman who would want to wear a nail polish named after the border city of Juarez. Or what about makeup named “factory,” “Ghost Town” and “del Norte?” Fashion bloggers like The Frisky first started buzzing about this controversial new makeup line by fashion label... Read more »

First Ladies Michelle Obama and Margarita Zavala are smart and stylish. But they should tackle tougher topics like the murders of women in Juarez.

Michelle Obama is in Mexico. Photo by Luis Acosta/AFP Getty Images She arrived Tuesday night on her first solo visit to Mexico as First Lady after a stop in earthquake-ravaged Haiti and will stay south of the border until Thursday. There already have been many comparisons between Michelle Obama and Mexico’s First Lady Margarita Zavala.... Read more »

Minuteman linked to another murder

I blogged earlier this week about the rogue members of the anti-immigration group, the Minutemen, who were arrested for killing a Latino man in Arizona and his 9-year-old daughter. Now one of those suspects is being held in the murder of another Hispanic man dating back to 1997, according to a story in the Seattle... Read more »

Minutemen murder and hate crimes against Latinos rise

This weekend members of a Minutemen group were arrested for murdering a Latino father and his 9-year-old daughter in Arizona. Last month, two young white men accused of beating to death a Mexican man, Luis Ramirez, in Pennsylvania were acquitted of the serious charges of hate crimes and third-degree murder. They were only convicted of... Read more »