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When hope is lost, some immigrants consider or commit suicide

When hope is lost, some immigrants consider or commit suicide
Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin intervened to help Harvard University student Eric Balderas, who was facing deportation to Mexico, and now will be allowed to stay in the United States at least temporarily. But there is something that Balderas told Boston Globe reporter Maria Sacchetti that really alarmed me. He told the reporter that his situation... Read more »

How do we fight hate crimes?

How do we fight hate crimes? At the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) conference in Chicago a group of leaders said the only way to do this is to band together. It doesn’t matter how many Minutemen show up (just a few) to protest the conference outside McCormick Place. Check out the video made... Read more »

Six months for murder?

I blogged recently about Luis Ramirez, the undocumented immigrant from Mexico, who was killed last year in a beating by a group of white teenagers in Pennsylvania. I was upset that they weren’t convicted of a hate crime or even murder. The jury was all white, and the teens got off with simple assault. Now... Read more »

Minutemen murder and hate crimes against Latinos rise

This weekend members of a Minutemen group were arrested for murdering a Latino father and his 9-year-old daughter in Arizona. Last month, two young white men accused of beating to death a Mexican man, Luis Ramirez, in Pennsylvania were acquitted of the serious charges of hate crimes and third-degree murder. They were only convicted of... Read more »