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Peruvian drive-by

Peruvian drive-by
You can see all sorts of people on the streets of Lima, Peru. There are flame throwers, street vendors selling Inca Cola, and this guy. Driving into the historic center, I saw him while we were stopped at a red light. He reminded me of the types of characters I have seen on Las Ramblas... Read more »

Finding our way in Lima, Peru

Finding our way in Lima, Peru
I was walking down the street with my husband in the historic center of Lima, Peru. From a bridge we gleaned a view of San Cristobal hill with humble homes made of concrete painted pink, pale blue, yellow and orange. We walked over the heavily guarded bridge located behind the presidential palace to get a... Read more »

A foggy day in Lima

I am in Lima, Peru, the next two weeks teaching a travel writing course for Columbia College Chicago students with my colleague Elio Leturia. While classes in Chicago are cancelled due to below freezing weather, we have classes today because the high temp here is expected to be 77 degrees. Yes it is warm and... Read more »

My photo album of Argentina and Peru

I’m back in Chicago now and on this overcast day I am thinking back on my three- week trip in Argentina and Peru. I miss the architecture, from colonial to baroque, the colors, which are vibrant, and the landscape from the Pacific Ocean in Lima to the lush green mountains outside Cusco, Peru. So this... Read more »

Traffic jam in Lima worse than Chicago

One thing I will not miss about Lima, Peru, is the traffic. I’ve been here 10 days now and it’s some of the worst traffic I’ve seen anywhere in my travels. It’s not just traffic jams which you can see in my video below. A ride to the downtown from the Miraflores neighborhood – a... Read more »

Chicago has two major daily newspapers. Lima, Peru has 20 plus.

Chicago has two daily newspapers. By comparison, in Lima, Peru, there are more than 20 dailies. Walking by a local newsstand you can see the daily editions posted on a wall. There is a variety of names from Sol, Extra, Ajá, Expreso and La Razón. Many of them are tabloids and some have racy photos... Read more »

Take a look at this erotic art from Lima, Peru

Warning: This following post is R-rated for graphic content. Seriously, though. It’s about the Erotic Gallery I visited at the Museo Larco, a museum founded by anthropologist Rafael Larco Hoyle, in Lima, Peru. I’ve been traveling in South America the last two weeks and will be here another week. I can say I’ve never seen... Read more »

Remember the Cow Parade in Chicago? It's now in Lima, Peru.

Remember the Cows on Parade that came to Chicago in 1999? Well las vacas, or cows, have arrived in Lima, Peru. Cows parades have been organized in more than 50 cities over the last 11 years and more than 100 million people have seen the cows, according to Chicago was the first U.S. city... Read more »

Finding gold in Peru

It was Francisco Pizarro who conquered the Incas in what is now modern-day Peru. The were less than 200 Spaniards, some on horse and others by foot, and they captured the Inca leader Atahualpa, who had an army of thousands, and the rest is history. There have been many legends about Incan riches glamorized and... Read more »

Three Kings in the City of Kings, Lima, Peru

I’m in Lima, Peru now. They call this the City of Kings. That is appropriate because today is Three Kings Day or el Día de los Reyes Magos. Jan. 6 marks the end of the 12 days of Christmas when the wise men, Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar, followed a bright star to visit the Baby... Read more »