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Christmas time with Guadalupe in Mexico

Girls walks in procession to Virgin of Guadalupe in Puerto Vallarta
It’s December and the Virgin of Guadalupe is everywhere in the town of Barra de Navidad. It’s fitting that I will spend the Christmas holidays this year in a town called Christmas Bar. On every block there are religious street shrines, many of them set up on December 1. There are statues and pictures of... Read more »

Honoring the Virgin of Guadalupe on her feast day Dec. 12

Photo by Teresa Puente, Virgin of Guadalupe, Mexico City During my 1970s adolescence there were few famous Latina actresses or singers, like Jennifer Lopez or Salma Hayek, who made curves cool and Latinas fashionable. The first major image of Latina womanhood that I discovered was on a childhood road trip with my family to Mexico.... Read more »