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Arizona may deny U.S. citizenship to babies, Harvard University student faces deportation and Chicago activists hold immigration protests

In Arizona, seems some politicians haven’t tired yet of going after immigrants, teachers with accents or ethnic studies programs. So they have a new group of people they want to corral – babies born to undocumented immigrants. Arizona Republicans are expected to introduce state legislation that would deny U.S. citizenship to children born to undocumented... Read more »

Jesus Garcia wins, Rudy Lozano Jr. close, victory for reform-minded Latino politicians

It has been 11 years since Jesus G. “Chuy” Garcia has held political office. He’s made a comeback and was elected a Cook County Commissioner in the 7th District defeating incumbent Joseph Mario Moreno. Jesus G. “Chuy” Garcia with Univision reporter and supporters on election night “I am elated,” said Garcia who claimed victory while... Read more »

Mujica, Garcia among independent Latino candidates running in Illinois primary

By my count there are more than 30 Latino candidates on the primary ballot this Tuesday. It’s great to see so many Latino politicians participating in the political process and many of them have an independent voice. Who knows maybe one day we’ll see a Latino mayor of Chicago or a Latino president. But for... Read more »

Labor Day march for immigration reform

On this Labor Day, think about who carved up the beef you are grilling or who picked the fresh vegetables you are tossing in your salad. It’s likely that work was done by people who work in the shadows – undocumented workers. Labor Day also is also a day to remind our political leaders that... Read more »