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Court ruling against Arizona immigration law is a warning to Illinois and other states

Jan Brewer An appeals court this week upheld a lower court ruling blocking some of the most strict parts of Arizona’s anti-immigration law. This is a blow to politicians like Ariz. Gov. Jan Brewer, who vowed to keep fighting. The court’s rationale is that immigration law is federal, not state or local. “That 50 individual... Read more »

What do Miss Universe, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer and new White Sox player Manny Ramirez have in common?

What do Miss Universe, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer and new White Sox player Manny Ramirez have in common? All three of them have been in the news lately for their use of language. English, Spanish or bilingual. After his arrival in Chicago, Ramirez held a press conference in Spanish. He used a translator. The truth... Read more »

Is the Mexican Miss Universe more than just a pretty face?

I was too busy following the primary election in Arizona this week to notice that Miss Mexico, Jimena Navarrete, won the Miss Universe contest. Sadly, the progressive Latino candidate for U.S. Senate, Randy Parraz, lost the Democratic primary but hopefully he will run again for office. We need more candidates like him to speak out... Read more »

If Randy Parraz wins Arizona Democratic primary for U.S. Senate, he could face John McCain

There is one race to watch in Arizona’s Tuesday primary. Randy Parraz is the only Latino Democrat in the entire country running for the U.S. Senate. If he defeats his Democratic opponent in today’s primary, he could wind up facing longtime Republican senator and former presidential candidate John McCain in the general election. “I could... Read more »

Sarah Palin talks "cojones" but she should learn how to speak English well before she tackles Spanish

Sarah Palin is grabbing headlines for saying “Jan Brewer has the cojones that our President does not have” on the immigration issue. While some people may be offended by that expression, I have used it myself in this blog. It just means to have or not have the balls to do something. Sometimes it can... Read more »

Judge blocks sections of Arizona immigration law SB1070

U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton issued a preliminary injunction Wednesday morning blocking sections of Arizona’s controversial immigration law that were going to take effect Thursday. This shows that Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer and the state legislature were wrong to try to make local police act as immigration officers. As I’ve said before, the law would... Read more »

Arizona Gov. Brewer distorts truth by calling most undocumented immigrants "drug mules"

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has resorted to lying about immigration. Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer She has made public claims that a majority of undocumented immigrants are drug mules and we know this is simply not true. It has no basis in fact and only serves to inflame the immigration debate. “Well, we all know that... Read more »

Cook County board boycotts Arizona and does business with Arizona

The Cook County Board of Commissioners made some decisions that could only be described with one word  loco. On Tuesday, they approved a boycott on Arizona businesses. But then they immediately followed that vote by approving a contract to a red-light camera business based in Arizona. Why the flip-flopping? According to an article in the... Read more »

U.S. citizen held by immigration in Chicago; Obama to send National Guard troops to the border

Chicago immigration officials detained a Puerto Rican man for three days. Why is this so unbelievable? All Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens since the island is a U.S. commonwealth. Seems though they didn’t believe Eduardo Caraballo even after he produced a birth certificate and a state issued I.D., according to this story by NBC Chicago.... Read more »

Arizona: Laugh or cry? From MLK to the new immigration law.

The more things change the more they stay the same. Just watch this old school video of the Wayans brothers from when Arizona refused to honor Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. Funny how the lady in this old “In Living Color” video resembles Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer. Brewer is still out there defending the immigration... Read more »