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Why Latinos support Obama's health care plan

Why Latinos support Obama's health care plan
Nearly one in three Latinos in the United States does not have health insurance. Latinos must certainly consider this fact as they examine the health care policies of the two presidential candidates. There has been considerable criticism about President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. But it will ensure that millions more people have access to health... Read more »

I walked into a Tea Party protest in New Mexico

The Tea Party people used Tax Day to rally across the country. I’m in New Mexico this week for a board meeting of women journalists (JAWS) and in Santa Fe I stumbled upon a Tea Party protest. It’s interesting that in a state the Census shows is almost 45 percent Hispanic and almost 10 percent... Read more »

President Obama more popular with Latinos than whites

A recent poll administered by Latino Decisions found President Obama has a 74 percent approval rating among Latino voters. This is startling especially when you consider a recent Gallup poll found the president only has a 39 percent approval rating among whites. Also the new Latino Decisions poll found that Latino voters rank health care... Read more »

Joe Wilson's lie is Carmen Velasquez's truth

The health care debate continues and we heard President Obama speak to the nation about his plan Wednesday night.  Indeed the president’s speech was grossly interrupted by Congresssman Joe Wilson, a Republican from South Carolina. Wilson screamed, “You lie!” when Obama said that undocumented immigrants would NOT be covered by health care reform. His emotional... Read more »

Whole Foods, health care and the Virgin of Guadalupe

I read what the CEO of Whole Foods, John Mackey, wrote against government funding of health care in The Wall Street Journal,  and I too had my doubts about whether to boycott Whole Foods. But a friend enticed me to check out the new Whole Foods at 1550 N. Kingsbury Ct. in Lincoln Park. Now... Read more »

Viva Ted Kennedy

Latinos have always loved the Kennedy family. In 1960, they formed “Viva Kennedy” clubs across the country to support the candidacy of John F. Kennedy. But it was Sen. Edward “Ted” Kennedy who has left a legacy that all Americans and especially Latinos should be proud of. This legacy includes, the Civil Rights Act, the... Read more »

Should the undocumented get health care?

The health care debate is raging across the country and some have falsely claimed that proposed legislation would cover undocumented immigrants. It won’t. President Obama made that clear in a recent interview below with Spanish-language journalist Maria Elena Salinas. But I think it should. I’m not saying the undocumented should get free health care. But... Read more »