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In Chicago, a vigil for missing students in Mexico

In Chicago, a vigil for missing students in Mexico
The disappearance and possible murder of 43 students last month in Mexico has resonated in Chicago’s Mexican community. Around 100 people gathered for a vigil Friday night in Pilsen to call attention to the disappearance of the students and also the discovery of mass graves in Mexico. “Every day is a day of death in... Read more »

Storify: Earthquake react from Chicago to Mexico

[View the story “Earthquake hits Mexico” on Storify]

Murder of Chicago-based diplomat Jaime Almonte Borja makes me question my own safety as I travel in Mexico

I’ve been off the radar the last week or so driving around Mexico. Puerto Vallarta. Photo by Teresa Puente. I celebrated New Year’s Eve in Puerto Vallarta where I watched fireworks on the beach. I visited some beach towns north of there called Sayulita and Chacala and also travelled to the Costa Alegre or the... Read more »

The African Presence in Mexico exhibit ends Sunday

Have you heard the story of Yanga? He was an enslaved African who escaped the Spanish and founded the first free town for slaves in the Americas in the state of Veracruz, Mexico. That was in 1610. That was even before the English colony, Virginia, brought slaves over in 1619. More than 200 years later... Read more »