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My message to Arizona: The only green card I have is American Express

My mom once rode the Greyhound bus through South Texas. She was returning from a funeral in her home town of Carrizo Springs, and a U.S. immigration official got on the bus. “¡Papeles!” he started shouting asking for people’s papers. My mom had been napping and was confused. She saw a uniform and thought he... Read more »

U.S. citizen held by immigration in Chicago; Obama to send National Guard troops to the border

Chicago immigration officials detained a Puerto Rican man for three days. Why is this so unbelievable? All Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens since the island is a U.S. commonwealth. Seems though they didn’t believe Eduardo Caraballo even after he produced a birth certificate and a state issued I.D., according to this story by NBC Chicago.... Read more »