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Storify: Earthquake react from Chicago to Mexico

[View the story “Earthquake hits Mexico” on Storify]

Earthquake stirs thoughts of famous Chileans

We’ve all heard about Chile and the massive earthquake that may have shifted the earth’s axis and briefly shortened the life of the planet by milliseconds. We know that the Chilean President Michelle Bachelet said at first they didn’t need international aid but it’s become obvious that they do. And this week Secretary of State... Read more »

Illinois earthquake reminds me of Haiti and Mexico tragedies

When my house west of Chicago started rattling just before 4 a.m. this morning  I knew it was an earthquake. Photo from JC Garcia Capparos I’ve lived through bigger earthquakes in Southern California and in Mexico in recent years so I knew that wasn’t a snow plow that hit my house. All this news of... Read more »

Por favor give to Haiti

Have you donated yet to Haiti? I did a “Quick Vote” on and found that 46 percent answered yes and 54 percent answered no. What are they waiting for? Photo from United Nations Development Programme. I would hope that after the celebrity musical telethon “Hope for Haiti Now” broadcast in 60 countries tonight that... Read more »