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DREAM Act vote postponed; Sens. Durbin and Reid seeking votes

By Lalo Alcaraz The Senate postponed voting on the DREAM Act Thursday. But this isn’t bad news for DREAM activists. In fact, Nevada Sen. Harry Reid made a motion that tabled the Senate vote so they can instead vote on the House version of the bill. That Senate motion passed with 59 votes. This gives... Read more »

DREAM Act passes House; faces uphill battle in the Senate

Supporters of the DREAM Act protest in Chicago. I first reported on undocumented high school students 10 years ago. And these youth, some of them now in their late 20s, may finally have a chance at the American Dream. The U.S. House of Representatives passed the DREAM Act Wednesday night 216 to 198. This legislation... Read more »

Sen. Durbin vows to keep pushing for the DREAM Act

What happened to the American Dream? It was crushed Tuesday on the Senate floor by Republicans. They voted against including the DREAM Act in the defense bill.  They also struck a blow against the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy regarding gays in the military. Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin gave a compelling speech on the... Read more »

When hope is lost, some immigrants consider or commit suicide

When hope is lost, some immigrants consider or commit suicide
Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin intervened to help Harvard University student Eric Balderas, who was facing deportation to Mexico, and now will be allowed to stay in the United States at least temporarily. But there is something that Balderas told Boston Globe reporter Maria Sacchetti that really alarmed me. He told the reporter that his situation... Read more »

Immigrant students arrested at McCain's office to be arraigned Tuesday; Chicago's Tania Unzueta not arrested

SECOND UPDATE: The undocumented students spent more than seven hours in detention and were released for noe. But they could face eventual deportation. They also have a court date for June 16 on the trespassing charges. UPDATE 10 p.m.: The three undocumented students arrested after a sit-in at Sen. John McCain’s Tucson office were being... Read more »

Sen. Durbin, former Gov. Edgar support immigration reform

Big names in Illinois politics are speaking out in favor of immigration reform Dick Durbin This Saturday Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin led a rally outside Teamster City in Chicago. He also wrote an op-ed  in the Chicago Tribune Friday supporting the DREAM Act, which would offer legalization to undocumented youth brought here by their parents.... Read more »