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Lowriding in Chicago

1949 Chevy Suburban
Lowriders like to drive in style. Their culture and cars were on display at the Slow & Low Community Lowrider Festival held in Pilsen earlier this month. Among the car clubs that came out were Viejitos, SouthSide Cruisers and Con Estilow. Manuel Mandujano said that lowriding is popular in Mexican-American culture but it has spread... Read more »

Soundstrike: Musicians to boycott Arizona, including Kanye West, Juanes and Los Tigres del Norte

Musicians from the world of rap to rock and Latin music are now calling for a boycott of Arizona due to the new immigration law passed there. Zach de la Rocha Among them are Chicago-raised Kanye West, hip-hop’s Cypress Hill, Colombian rocker Juanes and Mexican banda Los Tigres del Norte. Leading the boycott is Zach... Read more »