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Maria Hinojosa spoke to women journalists at JAWS10

Photo by Michael Para from Maria Hinojosa is one of the best-known Latina journalists in the United States and she was the keynote speaker at the Journalism & Women Symposium, JAWS 2010 conference, held this past weekend in Texas. Hinojosa is anchor and managing editor of “Latino USA” on National Public Radio. She previously... Read more »

For 33 Chilean miners, hope never dies

The area above ground where the relatives of the 33 Chilean miners waited for them more than two months is called Campo Esperanza, or Camp Hope. They never lost it. And as they began pulling out the miners early Wednesday there were shouts of thanks, tears and hugs. As of this posting the 17th man... Read more »

Por favor give to Haiti

Have you donated yet to Haiti? I did a “Quick Vote” on and found that 46 percent answered yes and 54 percent answered no. What are they waiting for? Photo from United Nations Development Programme. I would hope that after the celebrity musical telethon “Hope for Haiti Now” broadcast in 60 countries tonight that... Read more »

Lou Dobbs deported?

“U.S. deports Lou Dobbs.” This was a recent headline in the Onion newspaper. When I saw the print edition at a coffee shop this weekend I doubled over with laughter. It’s so brilliant that I wish I had written it myself. The “Cover Story” joked that Lou Dobbs lived illegally in the United States under... Read more »

Geraldo Rivera bashes Lou Dobbs

I’ve written several blog posts about Lou Dobbs and the Basta Dobbs campaign to remove him from CNN. Geraldo Rivera Now a prominent Latino television journalist has come out and slammed Lou Dobbs. That’s Geraldo Rivera. At an event in New York sponsored by the Spanish-language daily, El Diario La Prensa, Rivera described Dobbs as... Read more »

Lou Dobbs, Soledad O'Brien and CNN's coverage of Latinos

CNN is taking a lot of heat from Latino community leaders. There are press conferences across the country today, including one in Chicago, demanding CNN drop Lou Dobbs, for his anti-immigrant rhetoric and for associating with extremist anti-immigration groups like FAIR, the Federation for American Immigration Reform. “We believe that Lou Dobbs is the number... Read more »

Drop Lou Dobbs

Lou Dobbs. You love him or you hate him. Personally, I can’t stand his show. I turn CNN off when he comes on the air. He’s clearly anti-immigrant and was recently was a guest speaker at a rally organized by the anti-immigrant group FAIR, the Federation for American Immigration Reform, which the Southern Poverty Law... Read more »

Good news for Latinos: Lou Dobbs' ratings down

Here’s some good news for the Latino community. CNN’s Lou Dobbs has seen a decrease in ratings of almost 30 percent in the past year, according to a story in The New York Observer. Any time I watch Dobbs it makes my blood boil. And it looks like others have tired of his anti-immigration, anti-Latino... Read more »