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Lowriding in Chicago

1949 Chevy Suburban
Lowriders like to drive in style. Their culture and cars were on display at the Slow & Low Community Lowrider Festival held in Pilsen earlier this month. Among the car clubs that came out were Viejitos, SouthSide Cruisers and Con Estilow. Manuel Mandujano said that lowriding is popular in Mexican-American culture but it has spread... Read more »

John Valadez champions Chicano art

John Valadez champions Chicano art
Artist John Valadez explores Chicano culture in his exhibit “Santa Ana Condition” now showing at the National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago. Valadez, 62, from Los Angeles, earlier in his career captured low riders to cholos in photographs and translated much of the Chicano identity into paintings. “I identified with the Chicano movement because... Read more »

According to the U.S. Census, I can be Hispanic, Latino, Chicano, Mexican-American. But I'm also "some other race."

I am “some other race.” That’s what I checked on the U.S. Census form I mailed in last week. You see according to the U.S. Census Bureau, the races you can select from on the form are white, black, American Indian, Alaska Native, Asian, (for which they provide a long list, including Chinese, Filipino, Japanese,... Read more »