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Apocalypse Not! The Maya live on in Mexico

Apocalypse Not! The Maya live on in Mexico
If you are reading this, the world hasn’t ended. It’s 12-21-12 and some thought the Mayans predicted the end of the world for this day. But according to experts it actually meant the end of a calendar and the beginning of a new one called a baktun, or 144,000 days. In Mexico, where I am... Read more »

Finding Mexican food .... in Rome

Tex-Mex menu in Rome I’m in Italy for the next five weeks so I will be keeping tabs on news at home and abroad. But whenever I go to a new country I always look to see if I can find a sign of Mexican culture. And here along the Tiber River in Rome I... Read more »

Mexico bus travel marred by killings

I’ve ridden the bus all over Mexico. I’ve taken a bus down the curvy roads of Oaxaca, making me so dizzy that I could barely feel my feet beneath me after a six- hour ride. I’ve ridden along the coast of Jalisco going from one beach town to another. And I’ve taken the bus from... Read more »

Travels in Mexico: Thrifty, topes and mordidas

If you’ve spent any time traveling around Mexico, you should be familiar with the word - topes. Those are speed bumps. And keep reading because I will get to a story of how topes got us in trouble with the police. Topes come in a variety of shapes and sizes from tiny bumps about the... Read more »

Murder of Chicago-based diplomat Jaime Almonte Borja makes me question my own safety as I travel in Mexico

I’ve been off the radar the last week or so driving around Mexico. Puerto Vallarta. Photo by Teresa Puente. I celebrated New Year’s Eve in Puerto Vallarta where I watched fireworks on the beach. I visited some beach towns north of there called Sayulita and Chacala and also travelled to the Costa Alegre or the... Read more »

Finding faith on Day of the Dead

Photo by Mark Butkus Once I drove through Michoacan, Mexico, where night vigils in the cemeteries lit up the town. I took the road around Lake Patzcuaro stopping where flowers and candles decorated the graves. In one home, a life-size altar had been built and family members greeted neighbors and strangers alike with food and... Read more »

Crossing the border ... into Canada

This summer I’m spending some time visiting friends who live north of the border and this is the first of a few posts about my experience in Canada. Driving up to the border crossing at Sarnia, Ontario, the border agent fired the first question at me. “What is the status of American?” Huh? I turned... Read more »