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Should we celebrate Columbus Day?

Ask most school children about Christopher Columbus. They’ll tell you Columbus “discovered” America. But how could he discover it if there were already indigenous cultures thriving in this hemisphere? You could say that Columbus’ “discovery” eventually led to the decimation of indigenous cultures, and that is not something we should celebrate. Many Latin American countries... Read more »

Obama, Calderon, Harper: three amigos answer questions

So what did the three amigos talk about after all? At the summit of North American Leaders President Barack Obama said he would push for a draft bill on comprehensive immigration reform this year. Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper wouldn’t back down on requiring visas for all Mexicans traveling to Canada. Obama also defended his... Read more »

Three amigos meet in Mexico: Obama, Calderon and Harper

It’s being called the Three Amigos summit as the three leaders of North America – our President Barack Obama, Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon and Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper are convening in Guadalajara, Mexico Monday. On their agenda are important issues like free trade, the drug war, immigration, the swine flu and the environment. But... Read more »