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Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. works to release prisoners in Cuba and Colombia

Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. works to release prisoners in Cuba and Colombia
The Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. is working on diplomacy in Latin America. Jackson was in Cuba over the weekend at the invitation of the Catholic Church, and he also hoped to meet with an American man, Alan Gross, who was imprisoned by the Cuban government, according to Essence. Gross, 64, was sentenced to 15 years... Read more »

Obama won in the "real America"

Obama won in the "real America"
Remember when Sarah Palin talked about the “real America?” She had some sort of idealized version of small-town rural America that was something out of a Leave it to Beaver episode. Sometimes listening to Mitt Romney it sounded like he lived in this 1950s world. Clearly the majority of America could not identify with his... Read more »

Rahm Emanuel wins but Latino candidates garnered more votes than African-American candidate

Rahm Emanuel So it’s Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel. I had hoped we’d see a runoff so voters could get a closer look at the top two candidates. But Chicagoans have voted. What I find most interesting is the turnout. What fascinates me is that both Latino candidates, Gery Chico and Miguel del Valle, garnered more votes... Read more »

Does race or ethnicity play a role in Chicago's mayoral election?

We’re a week away from the election for mayor of Chicago. Who will be our next mayor? I blogged at the start of the season that Chicago could elect a Latino mayor and we have two viable candidates. But if you believe the polls, they don’t have a chance of winning. According to the latest... Read more »

Would Martin Luther King Jr. support the DREAM Act?

King photo from The birthday of the great civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. has made me wonder what he would think of the debate over immigration in the United States. Would Dr. King fight for the rights of undocumented immigrants or the DREAM Act? I couldn’t find any specific references on this... Read more »