El Camino: Bourbon in his blood

El Camino: Bourbon in his blood
Freddie Johnson Photo by Teresa Puente

Freddie Johnson grew up walking the grounds of Buffalo Trace, America’s oldest bourbon distillery, located north of Frankfort, Kentucky.

His grandfather worked at the distillery more than 50 years. And his father worked there more than 40 years.

He remembers being 5 years old and walking into the warehouses to see the stacks of bourbon barrels.

But Freddie had moved away from the area to work in Corporate America. He came back around 15 years ago when his father was ill.

His father asked Freddie to make a promise. To be the third generation to work at the distillery.

He made good on his promise and that’s why we met Freddie. He was our bourbon tour guide.

He hooked me in with his story of family at the start of the tour.

He also said that this company cross trains its employees so they can work all year long and so that when they take vacation to be with their families a co-worker can cover for them.

I’m not even a big fan of bourbon ,(my husband is), but the tour was fun and informative due to the amazing spirit of Freddie.

“You must have bourbon in your blood,” a visitor once told him.

That may be true but more importantly he has family in his heart.

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