MSNBC apologizes over offensive Cinco de Mayo segment

MSNBC apologizes over offensive Cinco de Mayo segment

You may have heard that MSNBC’s “Way Too Early” program embarrassed itself with a Cinco de Mayo segment showing a guy with a sombrero downing a tequila.

They invited viewers to a tequila drinking game.


It wasn’t funny and MSNBC apologized. The National Association of Hispanic Journalists also condemned MSNBC.

Here is part of a statement from NAHJ president Hugo Balta.

"The fact that this was done by a news organization is abominable.

This wasn't a chance occurrence. This was a planned segment where many decision makers at MSNBC's Way Too Early program agreed on the content and execution which concluded on what was seen nationwide.

It feeds to the ignorant misconceptions of a rich and proud people who unfortunately are too often portrayed as caricatures to be scoffed at.

The National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ) denounces the actions taken by the MSNBC journalists for their capricious actions, lack of judgment, insensitivity and attack of the Mexican community."

I agree.

Why is it when people think of Mexicans they think of the stereotypes?

If they want to celebrate Mexican heritage, they can look to the arts, to science and to community leaders to tell stories.

They could do a piece about famous artists such as Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo or Jose Clemente Orozco.

They could do a feature on Mexican inventors such as Guillermo González Camarena, who invented an early color television system or Jose Hernandez-Rebollar, who invented the Acceleglove, a glove that can translate sign language into speech.

Or what about profiles of Mexican-American teachers or nonprofit leaders working across the United States?

There are so many stories to tell about the contributions Mexicans have made to this country.

This reflects a lack of news judgment and diversity on the staff of MSNBC.

Instead they make jokes about tequila and comments about eating the worm.

MSNBC check your facts.

It’s an urban myth that there are worms in bottles of tequila.

Some bottles of mezcal, a different drink, have worms.

If we can’t trust the left-leaning network to get it right then we really are in trouble.


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