Marco Rubio: Hero or Villain?

Marco Rubio: Hero or Villain?
Sen. Marco Rubio

The U.S. Senate passed immigration reform legislation Thursday afternoon in a 68 to 32 vote.

It was mostly a bipartisan effort and one of the leaders of "The Gang of Eight" senators who drafted the legislation was Marco Rubio, a Republican from Florida.

He is either a hero or a villain for most who have followed this immigration legislation.

Some Latinos and immigrants rights activists are deeply upset over the border enforcement and the long path to citizenship for the undocumented in this legislation.

Some fear that in the end many of the 11 million undocumented will not qualify for citizenship and it can take as long as 13 years.

But others say this is a huge victory especially since the last major overhaul of immigration reform was in 1986 under President Ronald Reagan.

The true test lies ahead in the U.S. House of Representatives. Speaker John Boehner, Republican of Ohio, has already said that they will not accept the Senate bill.

It will be a much harder battle in the House.

This is real world politics and we can't always get all that we want.

But Rubio did a pretty good job selling the American Dream in a speech Thursday and he spoke about his parents' story and about why the U.S. needs immigrants.

Go to our factories and fields. Go to our kitchens and construction sites. Go to the cafeteria of this very Capitol. There, you will find that the miracle of America still lives. For here, in America, those who once had no hope, will give their children the life they once wanted for themselves. Here, in America, generations of unfulfilled dreams will finally come to pass.I support this reform. Not just because I believe in immigrants, but because I believe in America even more.

Hopefully, his message will resonate and remind us all that we can't close the door on the immigrants who are already here.

I don't agree with many of Rubio's positions. He has tried to play both sides of the immigration issue.

In my book, he is no hero. But there certainly are worse villains.

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