Harvest of Empire showing in Chicago

Harvest of Empire showing in Chicago

Immigration is often debated without much discussion of why people come here.

A documentary by journalist Juan González looks at some of the root causes of immigration and how United States policy in Latin America has played a role. It is based on his book by the same name.

It also focuses on the family stories of immigrants from Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guatemala and El Salvador, and the shifting demographics in the United States.

The film will be shown starting Friday for a week-long engagement at the Gene Siskel Film Center, 164 N. State St., Chicago.

It also features interviews with Nobel Peace Prize winner Rigoberta Menchú, Pulitzer-Prize-winning writer Junot Díaz, award-winning journalist Maria Hinojosa, and the Rev. Jesse Jackson among others.

González will speak after the screening Friday, April 19 at 8:15 p.m.

The New York Times said Harvest of Empire has a “journalist pedigree and a punch from political advocacy." The Los Angeles Times said the film “presses past the prejudice of the immigration debate."

This is a film worth seeing.

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