Will Twinkies become Mexican?

Will Twinkies become Mexican?

Junk food loving Americans are lamenting the loss of Twinkies and other Hostess products.

News broke Friday that the company will shut down. I hope the workers are able to keep their jobs.

But don't despair. A Mexican company called Bimbo is one of those possibly vying to make a bid to buy out Hostess. Bimbo may strike those north of the border as a funny name for a company.

But they are the world largest's breadmaker. So you still might be able to buy Twinkies, or a version of them.

Bimbo already makes something that looks like a Twinkie called a Submarino. That translates as submarine.

I am currently traveling in Mexico so I went to the local convenience store to buy Submarinos to see if they taste like Twinkies.

Now I don't think I've has a Twinkie since I was 12-years-old.

I opened up the package and there were three inside. Twinkies I remember had two per package.

I looked at it and bit in in half. The creamy inside was so sweet it made my blood sugar soar and my teeth ache. It was surprisingly moist. I don't want to know how many preservatives they used to make it that way.

But it tasted just as bad as the Twinkies I remembered from my childhood.

My husband had a bite of the Twinkie and agreed.

"Like they say, only two things will survive the Apocalypse, cockroaches and Twinkies," he joked.

The Submarino package did have an expiration date of Dec. 6, 2012.  That's almost two weeks before the supposed end of the world according to the Mayan calendar.

I might save them just in case.

They also had some strawberry flavored Submarinos but I passed on trying those.

So don't worry Twinkie lovers. You can buy Submarinos.

Submarino? Bimbo?

They may have to change the names to have mass appeal in the United States.

I'm fairly certain that you can already find Bimbo products for sale in Chicago and other cities especially at Latino supermarkets.

And for those who love Ding Dongs. Don't worry. Bimbo sells something almost identical.

They are called Pinguinos. Go figure. Penguins.

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