Vote for someone who can't vote

Vote for someone who can't vote

Recently I spoke to a Latino man who runs a well-known nonprofit organization in Chicago.

He told me that he didn't plan to vote.

Let me tell you why.

He couldn't stomach the idea of voting for a Republican Mitt Romney who advocated for "self-deportation" as an immigration policy.

And there are many Latinos who are still very angry at President Obama. He did not pass comprehensive immigration reform. Granted he had no support from Republicans and even some Democrats opposed it.

Many Latinos are upset with the record number of deportations under the Obama Administration.

So this man and I'm sure others like him are going to stay away from the voting booth.

But he is wrong.

You can't complain about our leaders unless you vote for or against them.

I too have been disappointed in our president. But as I outlined in recent blog posts about education, health care, the economy, reproductive rights and the social safety net, President Obama is the best choice of the two candidates.

Our country is only strong if we defend those who have the least among us.

And we know what Romney thinks about the "47 percent."

We can't take our right to vote for granted. There are millions of people in this country, namely 11 million undocumented, who have no right to vote at all.

Among them are young people brought here as children known as the "Dreamers." They have graduated from our high schools and have so much to offer this country. But their futures are limited.

Many of them are fighting to be equal members of our society and have even risked arrest through civil disobedience.

President Obama approved a measure that would grant temporary work permits and defer deportation for many of these young people.

But more work needs to be done not just on the immigration issue but in the fight to improve the educational system, the economy and ensure that we move towards equality for all.

Let's remember a time when women couldn't vote and African Americans were prevented from voting.

If you don't feel like voting for yourself, cast a vote for someone who doesn't have a voice.

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