Scary stats for women

It's Halloween. But here are some scary facts.

Nationally all women make 72 cents on the dollar and African-American women make 62 cents on the dollar compared to men.

Latina women do far worse making 54 cents on the dollar compared to men.

In this presidential race there has been much discussion of what to do about the economy.

President Obama has consulted the smartest economists and scholars in the nation. The economy is growing but not fast enough.

Mitt Romney says that with all his business experience at Bain Capital and running the Olympics in Utah that he has the answers. But he hasn't explained them.

But there is one thing that could be done that would boost the GDP by as much as 9 percent, according to a Goldman Sachs study.

That is creating pay equity so that women doing the same job as a man don't earn less.

Equal pay deserved more discussion this election season.

President Obama did highlight in the debates that he signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act after he took office in 2009.

But Romney wouldn't say whether he would support it.

"During the recent presidential debates, Mitt Romney was asked a simple question: Would he have signed a bill that allowed women to earn equal pay for equal work? He refused to answer. Instead, he suggested that women make less money than men because they need more flexible work schedules," Ledbetter wrote in an op-ed.

He tried to show he supported equal rights because he reviewed  "binders full of women" when he considered positions in his administration as Massachusetts governor.

But women could contribute so much more to the economy if they had equal pay.

According to the Wage Project, a high school female graduate will lose $700,000 over a working lifetime (47 years of full time work). A college graduate faces a loss of $1.2 million, and a professional school graduate will lose $2 million.

Last week the American Association of University Women released a new study called "Graduating to a Pay Gap." It found that women just one year out of college suffer from the pay gap. This dispels the notion that women earn less because they may temporarily  leave the workforce to have families.

It found that among business majors, women earned $38,000 compared to $45,000 for men. Female teachers made 89 percent of what men earned and women in sales earned 77 percent compared to men.

Just think of what this money would do to invigorate the economy.

And when you cast your vote for president consider who will best fight for all women who deserve equal pay.

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