Obama and Romney fear losing Latino voters

Obama and Romney fear losing Latino voters

Now that the debates are over it's time to decide who to vote for.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney pulled ahead with his debate performances and the presidential race is neck and neck.

Both candidates know that in several states Latino voters can make all the difference.

President Obama told the Des Moines Register that if he wins that Latino voters will be a big reason why.

"Should I win a second term, a big reason I will win a second term is because the Republican nominee and the Republican Party have so alienated the fastest-growing demographic group in the country, the Latino community," Obama told the Iowa newspaper.

Romney has tried to play up his Mexican roots. His father was born in Mexico after his great grandfather fled there to avoid anti-polygamy laws.

Romney seems to think that if he were ethnically Mexican it would help him win votes.

In the now famous 47 percent video he also told a group of donors that had his father been born to Mexican parents, “I’d have a better shot of winning this.”

Romney also noted the danger of Republicans alienating Latino voters.

“If the Hispanic voting bloc becomes as committed to the Democrats as the African-American voting bloc has in the past, why, we’re in trouble as a party and, I think, as a nation,” Romney told the campaign donors, according to the Latin American Herald Tribune.

Latino voters support President Obama by a three-to-one margin, according to recent polls.

But most I expect will vote on who they trust and their policy positions on key issues.

Over the next week, I will highlight where the two candidates stand on five key issues and examine how their policies would impact Latinos in the United States.

Take this information and decide how you will cast your vote. But please do vote.

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