Olympics 2012: Ryan Lochte Cuban-American winner

Olympics 2012: Ryan Lochte Cuban-American winner

Ryan Lochte won the men's 400 IM Saturday to the surprise of many beating out golden boy Michael Phelps.

But one other surprising thing about the swimmer is that he is Latino.

His mother was born in Cuba and married his father who is from the United States.

He loves his Cuban grandmother's cooking, including dishes like breaded steak, croquetas and ropa vieja, according to an interview his mom, Ileana, gave to NBC Miami.

His mother said it was her parents dream to move to the United States and she is so proud her son is on the American team.

“When he won the gold medal, the individual gold medal, and all I could think about what was my parents went through and how he’s there representing the United States, and my parents wanted us to be there so badly, to be in the United States,” she told NBC Miami. “And to see him up there with the American flag, it was great.”

The Cuban-American lost some of his subsequent team races and he won't beat Phelps' Olympic record.

But the swimmer is a gold medal winner in this summer's London Olympics and his mother is certain to be proud of that.


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    So Lochte is a Latino?! Well, no wonder he is so devilishly handsome. He has some of the best talent I’ve seen in the Olympics and I watch every four years. Since this will be Phelps’ last year competing, Lochte has a huge chance to start his reign as a successful Olympic swimmer. Maybe he can even bypass his medal record one day. The Olympics are being aired on several stations which kind of makes it hard to set the DVR. A Dish co-worker suggested I upgrade to the Hopper a few months ago which comes with three tuners so I can record all those stations and it also has four times more space than your average DVR! Now I can make sure that all of my favorite events are being recorded and I don’t have to worry that I’ll run out of space. Ryan’s got an event or two left so I’m crossing my fingers that he is going to bring us another gold medal. Go Team USA!

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