Olympics 2012: Mexico outfits at Opening Ceremony #FAIL???

Olympics 2012: Mexico outfits at Opening Ceremony #FAIL???

People tend to be patriotic during the Olympics.

The outfits the Mexican national team wore during the Opening Ceremony were widely criticized.

They were very colorful and used some of the traditional patterns worn by the indigenous of Mexico. But they were designed in bright neon pink, green and orange. They took traditional designs and symbols and made them modern.

They made the worst dressed lists of many and they were trashed on Twitter.

"The 2012 award for @Olympics costumes that looked like someone vomited pure neon all over you goes to…Mexico"
- @dongstoevky

"Que trajes mas feos uso Mexico en el Opening Ceremony de los Olympics, parecian piñatas lmao!!"

"The most ugly suits used by Mexico in the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics, they look like piñatas, lmao!!"

From Facebook:

"Hubiera sido mejor usar los originales trajes hechos de manos indigenas y no de disenadores que ridiculizaron nuestro folklore."

"It would have been better to use the original suits made by indigenous hands and not by designers that ridicule our folklore."
- Norai Pedraza

Personally,  my first impression was that the outfits were fun. I don't think they made fun of Mexican culture but they tried to celebrate it. They do border on tacky but they got the team noticed.

They certainly weren't worse than Germany's pink and blue jackets or the U.K. team's golden collars that reminded me of the FTD flower symbol.

Anyway, it's not about fashion but sports.

Stay tuned as I will blog about the best and worst of Latino and Latin American sports during the 2012 Olympics.

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