Olympics 2012: Colombia's Lady Andrade no lady

Olympics 2012: Colombia's Lady Andrade no lady
Abby Wambach shiner posted on Twitter

In the Olympics one expects the athletes from around the globe to treat each other with respect.

But a women's soccer player from Colombia, Lady Andrade, didn't act like a lady when she sucker punched U.S. team player Abby Wambach.

Andrade wasn't penalized during the game. But afterwards she was given a two-game penalty by FIFA. She won't be allowed to play against France or in the quarterfinals if her team advances.

Wambach Tweeted the shiner and you can see her dramatic fall in the 39th minute of the game.

Still, the women's team won 3 to 0 over Colombia in Saturday's match.

Andrade is a loser in the Olympics 2012 for not demonstrating good sportsmanship.


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