Mexico elects new president

Mexico elects new president
Photo by Mark Butkus

Enrique Peña Nieto will be the next president of Mexico. Mexico held elections Sunday and brought back the PRI or Institutional Revolutionary Party.

The notoriously corrupt PRI ruled Mexico for more than 71 years until they lost in 2000 when Vicente Fox of the PAN or the National Action Party took office.

But after 12 years of PAN rule, six with Fox and six with Felipe Calderon, voters brought the old party back into power.

While the Mexican economy is growing most Mexicans are not financially better off than they were 12 years ago

Voters also may have been fed up with all the violence from the drug war that surged under outgoing President Calderon resulting in more than 55,000 dead and countless disappeared.

The question is how will a new president handle the narcos? Will he negotiate some kind of truce? Or will he continue the strategy of the outgoing president and use the military to fight the cartels?

The next several months will be an interesting time in Mexico, and I will be reporting from there this summer.

You can read the article I wrote Sunday for the Daily Beast out of Nuevo Laredo, one of the most dangerous border cities, where there have been three recent car bombs. The latest was just two days before the election.

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