Wish I abstained from watching Arizona debate

Wish I abstained from watching Arizona debate
Rick Santorum

The Republican debate took place in Arizona and immigration was barely discussed.  I expected more debate in the border state that passed the anti-immigration law S.B. 1070.

We heard in a previous debate about Mitt Romney's absurd notion of self-deportation. He didn't bite at moderator John King's question if the government should deport undocumented immigrants en masse.

He gave a simplistic answer on the question supporting an enforcement-only policy.

"You can stop illegal immigration. It's time we finally did it," Romney said.

The Republican candidates favor enforcement-only  policies but never consider the economic reasons why people come here and how immigrants, even those who are undocumented, actually benefit our economy. Undocumented immigrants pay billions into Social Security.

Tell that to all the retirees in Arizona who want to round everybody up.

The most duplicitous answer of the night came from Rick Santorum. He's all in favor of using E-Verify, a controversial government database to verify someone's immigration status for employment. But he only wants it for companies, not for individuals.

It would be going "too far" to force individuals to use it, Santorum said.

Maybe Santorum doesn't want Americans to lose their undocumented nannies and babysitters who take care of all the children they had because they didn't use birth control.

It is hypocritical of Santorum to say we should go after employers who hire undocumented workers and not individuals.

I'm surprised he would support women having nannies at all because in his book he blamed feminists for undermining families and finding value in the workforce. But he blamed his wife for writing that chapter.

Ron Paul, who always argues against war, surprised me with his suggestion that people should fight back if immigrants trespass on their property.

"Why don't you have the right to stop it?" he asked.

Newt Gingrich repeated his silly double fence idea. It reminded me of what my mom told me once about birth control once. Use double protection.

But at least my mom's advice made sense.

I should have abstained from watching this debate.


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  • No matter what you may consider excess "discrimination" against illegal aliens, the draconian laws in other countries, including Mexico, regarding undocumented workers and illegal aliens, is night and day.

    Just try to work and live illegally --no matter what the reason-- in Ireland, Costa Rica, Mexico, Germany, etc..

    Have no fears: Obama will win and illegal voters will help him be elected and keep the floodgates open to illegal immigrants that are breaking the country.

    Probably thinking the AZ debate was not on your "must see" list anyway.

  • I couldn't bring myself to tune in, but I did go on Twitter to read the commentaries. Everyone from "real" TV journalists to regular folk, was commenting and boy was it funny.
    Best line (can't remember the Tweeter) - There were so many old, white men up there I half expected someone to shout "Bingo".

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