Romney wins Florida; Jeb Bush warns Republicans losing Latino voters

Romney wins Florida; Jeb Bush warns Republicans losing Latino voters
Jeb Bush

Mitt Romney won Florida, but Latino voters aren't a shoo-in.

Presidential candidate Romney crushed his opponent Newt Gingrich in the Sunshine State.

And Latino voters in Florida helped him do that with 53 percent voting for Romney compared with 30 percent for Gingrich, according to CNN exit polls.

But Florida Latino voters are not typical of the rest of the country.  And they are not all Republican.

Going into a general election Latino Democrats actually have more strength in Florida.

There are more than 452,000 registered Latino Republican voters in Florida but there are more than 564,000 Latino Democrats registered there, according to a Pew Hispanic Center analysis of Florida Division of Elections data.

But there are more than 431,000 Latino voters in the state who have no party affiliation.

The Latino voter demographic in Florida is more diverse than one may think. It's not overwhelmingly Cuban.

Only 32 percent of Hispanic voters in Florida are of Cuban origin; 28 percent are of Puerto Rican origin; and 9 percent are of Mexican origin, according to a Pew Hispanic Center analysis of census data.

This is very different than the national Latino voter population that is 59 percent Mexican, 14 percent Puerto Rican and only 5 percent Cuban.

Neither Romney nor Gingrich have liberal viewpoints on immigration.

Gingrich supports some form of legalization for undocumented immigrants who have been here 25 years. Romney was right when he said the policy will only benefit grandmothers. It is very limited in scope.

They both now have a cold-hearted position on the DREAM Act that it only benefit undocumented students who go into the military.

You've probably heard of Romney's nonsensical policy proposal called self-deportation.

Latino voters care about immigration but also about the economy, health care and education.

They may have given Romney a victory in Florida Tuesday night. But in a general election Latino voters aren't likely to push Romney or Gingrich to victory.

But if Jeb Bush were running it might be a different story.

He's the only Republican out there who gets Latino voters and the need for immigration reform.

He warned Republicans that they can't lose more Latino voters.

"The growing populations in all of the swing states are Hispanic voters," he said, according to CNN. "This is an over-simplification, but I don't think a party can aspire to be the majority party if it's the old white guy party."

Bush also explained why Republicans need Hispanic voters in a recent Washington Post editorial.

The former Florida governor is the only Republican out there who makes any sense. Funny that he isn't endorsing a Republican candidate for president.

If he were running, the Democrats could be in trouble.


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  • How many of those latinos are elgible to vote? What is this great fear of them? The majority of them are illgeal aliens. If we enforced the laws and added more deportation we wouldn't have to worry about non'citizens influencing our political system.

  • Just for your information, there are ALOT, ALOT, ALOT of Latinos who are American, whether they were born here or became one. I will support immigration laws being reformed to benefit the illegal Latinos who came here as a child against their will who deserves to become a Citizen. There only home is here. I am American of Hispanic descent and I will be voting against Republicans not only because of the immigration laws, but because i do not agree with conservative Republican views :-)

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