@MexicanMitt mocks Mitt Romney on Twitter

Twitter has been used for political satire before. Chicagoans will recall @mayoremanuel created by @dansinker. And in New York there is @elbloombito, a Twitter feed that makes fun of how Mayor Michael Bloomberg speaks mas o menos Spanish.

A new faux Twitter feed @MexicanMitt launched Wednesday makes fun of the fact that the Republican presidential candidate @MittRomney has Mexican roots. His grandfather and father were born there although they are not ethnically Mexican. You can read my other blog post about it.

The Twitter feed was announced on the Facebook page of political cartoonist and satirist Lalo Alcaraz. It is mostly hilarious.  Sometimes it borders on the insensitive or crass. I didn't like the joke about Megan McCain and her weight.

But there is plenty of potential political fodder as the real Romney has been against the DREAM Act to grant legal status to undocumented youth. Meanwhile the candidate is running Spanish-language ads in Florida featuring his son who speaks Spanish.

I followed the first day of mostly Spanglish Tweets and many of them had me busting out in laughter.

Here is his bio and a sampling of Tweets from @MexicanMitt.

Formerly Chihuahua, cabrones!
I am the Most Mexican Man in The World!© Follow me as I run for Presidente of the United Estates! Ajua!

I'm in it to guin it!

I'm gonna paint the White House BROWN, cabrones!

Soy Mormon, no Mamon!

(That's Mexican slang for sucker or jerk to say it politely.)

400 PINCHES FOLLOWERS! One for each person I fired today! AJUA!

No me digan "Job Killer", se dice "Yob Keeler"!

You poor people are simply YEALOUS of my REECHES

Si Obama shows me his Birth Certificate, I will show him my GREEN CARD, ajua!

By Thursday morning @MexicanMitt had almost 800 followers.

Like a political candidate, he is answering questions from his followers and also taking suggestions.

@gamerraf nominated Cheech Marin as secretary of agriculture

@carlosinhp asked:  i always wondered who the first Mexican president would be. how does it feel to be breaking ground?

@MexicanMitt answered: I have some jornaleros for breaking the ground!

Yours truly @Chicanisima asked him two questions: How will you convince Latinos to vote for you? And what is your favorite comida?

@MexicanMitt answered: Tacos y Tacos

Now that would be a great campaign slogan.

Check out Twitter for more from @MexicanMitt


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  • You mentioned the Spanish language TV ad that Romney has floating around. If you want a quick laugh, here is a parody of one of them.

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