Herman Cain thinks Cuban is a language?!?

Herman Cain thinks Cuban is a language?!?
Herman Cain

Here's a quick lesson for Herman Cain.

1) They speak Spanish in Cuba, not Cuban.

2) Cuba is an island.

3) If Cubans make it to U.S. soil, they become eligible for legal status.

Why does Cain need these basic facts?

On a visit to Miami this week he munched on a Cuban croqueta and asked with a mouthful of food, "How do you say delicious in Cuban?"

Cain also struggled to answer basic questions about U.S.-Cuba foreign policy accusing one reporter of asking a "gotcha question," according to CNN.

Cain continues to show gross ignorance about the world and human rights. Let's not forget his suggestion that we build an "electrified" fence at the U.S.-Mexico border that could zap to death undocumented immigrants.

Turns out he later said he was just joking. Right!

That's probably what he'll say about speaking Cuban.

I wonder what he thinks they speak in Brazil - Brazilian or Spanish?

I bet if you asked him in which countries they speak Portuguese, he'd say that's a "gotcha question."

It's obvious from his recent Libya gaffe, where he had a giant brain fart before answering the question, that he doesn't understand world events.

If he became president, imagine a trip to the Middle East. He would probably think he'd have to learn Egyptian, Israelian and Tarabian.

Hey I'm just making up words like Cain himself. He joked about not knowing who is the president of "Ubeki-beki-beki-stan-stan."

All of this makes me wonder how he thinks he could be qualified to be president of the United States.

This is without even factoring in the very serious accusations of sexual harassment.

And anybody who calls House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi "Princess Nancy" should be sent to sensitivity training.

Apologies not accepted.

Maybe Cain was brought up at a time when only "American" was taught in school. I doubt he paid much attention in history class. Maybe he studied pig Latin instead.

Cain may think all of this is funny.

I find it frightening, no matter what language you speak.


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  • Doesn't he know that Cubans are cigars?

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    Lets remember that a great knowledge of foreign policy is not a requirement of being the president of the US. Honestly at this point it's not even high on the priority scale. We need somebody who is going to focus on issues here at home not abroad. The president has at their disposal an entire academic and political system full of very bright people who can help him or her make those decisions. Cain has a very small group of people at this point in time so of course he's going to make some ignorant statements from time time. So what, he still has the best platform for getting our country moving forward again instead of in the direction of the former USSR. And isn't that what real Americans are really looking for? Not how much aid are we going to send to this country or that or how are we going to improve relations here and there. Lets put somebody in office who can use our nations best resource, our people, to the full extent of their gifts and talents. We need a leader not a speaker. Someone who will listen to people who know what they are talking about and make the correct decision for our country. Not someone who is going to listen to lobbyists, contributors and people who have no clue what they are talking about and keep making the same poor decisions and mistakes over and over again as out current administration is so adept at doing. Lets put someone up who is an American first, who has our peoples best interests at heart, not someone who is nothing but a politician and only has their interests in mind. Let's take a step in the right direction here and prove to the world we are rellevant unlike being the butt of the world's jokes.

  • In reply to Tony Neiger:

    [[Lets remember that a great knowledge of foreign policy is not a requirement of being the president of the US. Honestly at this point it's not even high on the priority scale. We need somebody who is going to focus on issues here at home not abroad. The president has at their disposal an entire academic and political system full of very bright people who can help him or her make those decisions.]]

    Those are naive positions. First of all, there is no separation between domestic and global issues. If you want to talk about jobs, the first thing you have to discuss is China. There are a million issues involved there, from their currency to human rights to their expansionist desires to our debt....

    The president's advisers are advisers and not after school tutors.

    You need a president with a sharp mind who is on top of world events, who can manage events as they unfold, not simply react to them as they hit the front page.

    If you like Cain, I say go with God.

    But this latest gaffe isn't even funny. For him to be in such a deep fog to think that Cuban is a language is very, very sad. A man who is nearly 70 and seems to know or care so little about the world is terribly sad.

    Tell you what, let's wait for the debates.

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    In reply to Tony Neiger:

    dude are you serious? herman cain is the most inept ignorant knowledgless bozo in politics, i though that title belong to sara palin but this guy takes the cake, the gop must be deserate as hell to even consider this dummy for the teapublican nomination, they are grasping for straws, you actually think this dumb son of a bitch is the answer for representing the gop for president? he aint got a chance, while the gop is fighting over votes

  • In reply to Tony Neiger:

    You're kidding, right?

  • So what's the problem...b. hussein thought austrian was a language too!

    "At a news conference, Obama said his debut on the international stage had convinced him that “political interaction in Europe is not that different from the United States Senate,” where he served before entering the White House.
    “There’s a lot of -- I don’t know what the term is in Austrian -- wheeling and dealing, and people are pursuing their interests, and everybody has their own particular issues and their own particular politics,” he said in response to an Austrian reporter’s question.

  • If Cain was an ice cream flavor he'd be cracked walnut. Delicioso!

  • A few hours ago Cain said he wanted to be a peoples president. Is that why he is supported by the Koch Brothers and their logistic professionals? 2012...., there isn't much of a choice is there?

  • This seems petty. Among my students, those from Mexico, Puerto Rico and Cuba seem to be able to tell who's who by the way each speaks Spanish.

    I guess not all Latinas are wise, eh?

  • In reply to Danaidh:

    There's a difference between being an insider with a nuanced perception of cultural differences and an old coot who is politically and culturally tone deaf.

  • Golly.... it's almost as HELLFIRE EMBARRASSING as a Chief Executive Clown speaking about the FIFTY-SEVEN United States, Hawaii being part of ASIA, or uhhhhhhhhhm uhhhhhhhhm uhhhhhhhming his way through life without a teleprompter.

  • I remember when Obam said he had visited 57 states and nothing was said, interesting. erman Cain has run companies and is a credible businessman.

    The problem is the mainstream media and the left just can not handle a Black Conservative. They must destroy him and make him out to be a misinformed goof. Herman Cain is a self-made man and American success. The public is catching on to the smear campaign. The formula is wearing on the public.

  • And Obama , the Wizard of Uhs, thinks Austrian is a language and a corpsman is a corpse man.

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    I see when people start bringing up Obama's issues all of the rest of you go speechless. To jimboster, Democracy, Truthhurts and zack66 I thank you for being well informed and concerned about the direction our country is heading. To the rest of you I urge you to ask yourselves, am I willing to give up more of my money and mine and my children's personal liberties to support an expanding government, do I want them encroaching on every aspect of my life, do I want to live in "1984"? I think you all should really look at all of the facts and weigh all of the options before you speak because you are all making yourselves look ignorant. I myself voted for Obama in 2008, do you think that I like admitting the enormity of my mistake? This man can't even get control of his subordinates he is a terrible leader and an even worse president. The state of our economy and his unwillingness to change tactics to get something working is proof. Lets also not forget this administration is actively and knowingly stealing our money as taxpayers but it seems you all are ok with being ripped off. Well I'm not and I hope there are enough people in America that are fed up so we can get this egotistical, self-serving villain out of the white house in 2012.

  • Thanks for your hearty debate on this topic. I appreciate all the comments even if we don't all agree.

  • Fact 1. Herman Cain sez veggie pizzas are for sissies.
    Fact 2. Pizzas now considered a vegetable
    adding Fact 1 + Fact 2 = Herman Cain is a sissy!

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