Comedian Katt Williams' rant about Mexicans is not funny

Comedian Katt Williams' rant about Mexicans is not funny
Katt Williams

I never heard of Katt Williams before. Apparently he's a comedian.

But he's not funny at all.

He's in the news for going off about Mexicans during a recent show in Phoenix, according to The Washington Post.

"If you love another country more than you love America, (expletive), then get the (expletive,)" the African-American comedian shouted at a Latino man in the audience.

He continued his rant.

“Do you remember when white people used to say ‘Go back to Africa.’? And we'd have to tell them we don't want to. So if you love Mexico, (expletive), get the (expletive) over there.”

He mocked the Latino man and his friends by singing the national anthem and also led the crowd in chants of "U.S.A., U.S.A.!"

"We were slaves, (expletive). Ya'll just work like that as landscapers!" he shouted.

Now Williams has apologized for his comments. But I don't buy that it's sincere.

Just watch the video below and you can see his venom. I don't know who would think that is funny. It's what I call racism.

As an African-American, I would expect Williams to be more sensitive to another ethnic group.

What's more disturbing is watching the audience react to Williams so called jokes. They howl with laughter. They just think he's hysterical.

"This ain't Mexico. It used to be Mexico (expletive) and now it's Phoenix!" Williams said to wild applause.

Maybe if they hadn't laughed so much, Williams would have shut up. I guess it's not surprising that it happened in Arizona.



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  • He was onvisouly being taunted by the man in the audience, and I see nothing wrong about someone taking pride in their country. And I'm sorry, it's always a bad idea to piss off a comedian, because all they'll do is go off on you.

  • So, you like Mexico more than America too, Teresa?

  • I don't know if I would say it is funny but it is certainly the truth.

    "If you love another country more than you love America..." then yes, definitely get the h*ll out. Face it, Mexico is a h*ll hole and anyone who loves it more than they love the land of the free and the home of the brave is demented and shouldn't be running around loose anyway.

    In case you haven't noticed, Mexican immigrants' refusal to assimilate into American society is one of our main complaints against you. It is right up there with your crime and your theft of American jobs and your inability to support or supervise your own children.

    So thank you for promoting the video. I hope your readers learn something from it.

  • In reply to rightright:

    Dude, land of the free? Do you know about all the 'executive orders' Bush got passed off th back of 9/11? Do you know what Joint Resolution 114 is? Do you know that the Federal Reserve printning up dollars and controlling the money supply is unconstitutional, as is income tax. Do you know that every dollar printed is unconstituionally lent to America by a cartel of private banks under the moniker 'Federal Reserve'. Do you relaise that the national debt cannot be repaid and is spiralling out of control because of interest repayments? The 800 billion 'stimulus' package Obama signed off on when he entered office was an interest repayment to the private banks A.K.A. The Fed? Free? Wake up man.

  • In reply to rightright:

    You are just at bad as that stupid comedian. To assert that a persons refusal to assimilate is a societal problem is absurd. How about the ignorance of the society in question? Or are we going back to the glorious days of Christopher Columbus and other explorer whose only solution to the cultures they encountered was assimilate or die.

    Your ignorance and that of others is both amazing and sad. A person CAN love more than one country and if they're are being productive in the United States but sending money to support family in another, so what? What business is that of yours? unless you want to help support that other family.

    America isn't perfect and neither are you so get a clue or shut the hell up.

  • I agree with you Teresa .... "But he's not funny at all.".... His rant was a jingoistic appeal to redneck simpletons .... [and we note that there are many.]

  • In reply to Geezer:

    oh shove it up your ass you old Geezer. look at you being all high and mighty talking about "redneck simpletons". yeah, i'm sure that's really who Katt Williams, a black fellow, is trying to appeal to. maybe he just doesn't like Mexicans complaining about living in America when Mexico is a shithole? do you even realize what's going on in Mexico right now? do you realize how many people have been brutally murdered since this whole cartel war began?

    i can fully understand why anyone living in Mexico (especially those with a family) would do all within their power to get out of that country right now, but i can NOT understand why a lot of these immigrants would carry their pride with them across the border. it's a sentiment that reeks of ignorance and is more than a little "jingoistic". just ask Mr. Latino Pride above you, who would never get away with the username "White Pride" or "Black Pride".

  • Where do we draw the line at funny and offensive? I've heard worst from Lisa Lampanelli and don rickles.

  • In reply to Evan Moore:

    1. It wasn't funny.
    2. Where do we draw the line at offensive? When it's racist... and if you were laughing, that's exacvtly what you are ....

  • Thanks for your comments. We don't all have to agree but I like the exchange of ideas.

  • Comedians love to make racial jokes. It doesn't necessarily make them racists. It may not be right or funny to everyone, but usually a joke is ONLY funny because there is some truth to it.

    I actually don't think Katt Williams is all that funny. I think he merely overstepped just like countless comedians, THINK Michael Richards, Tracy Morgan and I'm sure several others.

  • In reply to J. Kay:

    Kat Williams is a racist just like Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy and Dave Chapelle, thing is, African American comedians don't get called racists. So is Sarah Silvertits, but she's not funny .....

  • In reply to J. Kay:

    'Overstepping' = letting the mask slip. He's a racist moron with no true understanding of what a patriot is. A true patriot questions the keepers of the keys ....

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    oh, for the love of god. i am SO SICK of you p.c. speech police. everyone is so hyper-sensitive about everything that said. you can't even broach the subject of race, or radical islam or homosexuality or immigration without being call a racist, a islamophic, a homophic, or anti-hispanic.

    by trying to suppress the ability of people to speak as they please you get an environment we're tension and frustration grows over time because people are afraid to speak their minds.

    enough already. if you don't like something, too bad. get over it, ignore it, move on. but stop interpretting everything as racist, or hate speak, or whatever and thinking you're some great, enlightened individual. you're just another thin skinned liberal. were you this offended at the horrible things said about sarah palin or her chidren? or the things said about president bush?

    s.t.f.u. already.

  • In reply to Leslie Logan:

    "you're just another thin skinned liberal. were you this offended at the horrible things said about sarah palin or her chidren? or the things said about president bush?

    s.t.f.u. already."

    Why bring politics into this discussion? What does it matter if Teresa is a liberal or conservative? I disagree with Teresa and I'm Mexican, but I would never spew the garbage that you wrote in your post.

    That's one of the dumb things that you see in blogs/posts all the time. No matter what the story is, someone always manages to bring politics into the discussion. Your hatred of liberals is obvious.

    It's funny that you talk about hyper-sensitive people and yet you end your post with s.t.f.u.. Stay classy!

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to xtrmntr:

    "No matter what the story is, someone always manages to bring politics into the discussion"

    yet that's exactly what this writer does when she writes "I guess it's not surprising that it happened in Arizona", a state where the politicians are trying to do something about the negative impact of illegal immigration on their communites".

    "Your hatred of liberals is obvious"

    I don't hate them. I just don't have a whit of respect for anyone that thinks they can mandate what everyone says or does to suit their personal beliefs. Seriously, why would anyone make such a big deal about what this comedian said.

    again, people like this writer need to seriously got over themselves.

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    In reply to Leslie Logan:

    Just to add to this, I always love how people who don't live anywhere near Arizona, who probably never even visited there, and who have no idea what it's like there, twist their attempts to protect their legal citizens jobs and their physical safety from drug runners pouring through the border into some form of racism. We have laws in this country, they're trying to enforce them. Don't like 'em? Well, you can either pursue your legal options to change them or leave. Or just stop whining. Or maybe, just maybe, you actually educate yourself on the issue at hand, put yourself in someone else's shoes instead of your own self-centered "reality", and realize that you don't know what the hell you're talking about.

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    It's funny, Latino and black comedians make fun of white people all the time and no one writes an article about it, no one complains. Funny, but now that the shoe's on the other foot it's a big deal? Come on. Comedy is supposed to be irreverent. And last i checked, the first amendment hasn't been repealed. Which, by the way, is why you have a job. So he can say whatever he wants.

    And for the record, I can't stand the Mr. Williams. I think his comedy is polarizing and racist. But it's still America, and he still has the right to say what he wants and piss off who he wants. I see through what he says, I see that it's just his way of compensating for some deep seated insecurities. That's why it doesn't bug me. Instead of whining about him why don't you find a cause worth fighting for? Maybe that 51% of people in this country (I can't say 'Americans' since so many of them aren't) don't pay any income tax whatsoever. Leaving less than half of us to shoulder their burden. Maybe show some outrage at the bloody violent drug wars going on in Mexico right now. They seem like more important issues than this.

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  • Katt pwnt that clown!

  • It's not the first time a peron of color sold out to a white audience. He'll probably score a lot of gigs and continue with his rant until he hears someone yell the "N" word. Then he'll feel "insulted."

  • Well Katt went on a tangent about some stupid ish as usual, but he got his match in Carlos Mencia's "nQQa in a box"..but let me guess Ms Puente missed one of her own using RACIST words..he also mentions "sand nQQa in a box".. and from what i hear the 'non-funny' Mr williams sayin: is to love're over here, an NOT in the country that offered you NOTHING. and that goes for anybody..not just hispanics..cuz we all know there is a big difference in Hispanics born an raised here, an those hitching rides under trucks

  • It's curious how Teresa begins the article with Katt's rebuttal to the Mexican who had first heckled with "F*ck America" and "Phoenix is Mexico" in a deliberate attempt to vilify Katt and sanitize the Mexican's offensive provocation.

  • Two ignorant, foul mouthed animals, one with a microphone, the other loaded with booze....along with hyenas in the audience...The talent level of today's "stand up comics" leaves alot to be desired. I would think twice about going to this type of zoolike venue, replete with ignorance from all sides and fueled by booze, fear and hatred.

  • Teresa, as the obviously upset author of this article, are you genuinely upset and often write about George Lopez making fun of whites and blacks constantly? Or have not watched any of his shows/monologues etc? And before you say he makes fun of mexicans too, thats not the point. The mexicans in the audience for Katt Williams were laughing.
    If you dont want Williams to do it, where is the article on Lopez condemning this behavior and scolding him for his comments which have been going on for years?

  • Addressing some reader comments:
    Yes, the Latino man did use a racial epithet. But if someone called me one, and believe me they have, I would not shout back with similar words. One bad word doesn't justify another.
    Honestly, I don't watch George Lopez. Anyway, wasn't his show cancelled? But I did blog before that I thought his ethnic humor was NOT funny. This is what I wrote in a blog post on Nov. 10, 2009.
    "But some of Lopez's jokes rely on ethnic humor and they don't always work.
    On Monday night Lopez made a joke about his grandmother and how ethnic people reminded her of things she had to do. She saw a "chinita," a Chinese woman, and was reminded she needed a pedicure. She saw a black man and wondered if she remembered to lock the doors.
    OK now. I didn't think those jokes were funny. Call me politically correct.
    Read the rest of my previous post about Lopez here:

  • @@ WTF do you mean Katt Williams is not funny at all? @@

    If you never listen to him how would you know? Everyone is funny at one time or another and some are funnier than others. Katt Williams is not funny to you but he earns millions of dollars making people laugh. How much do you earn making people laugh?
    How many people do you make laugh and how much do you get paid for it? How many tickets did you sell last year, this year or this month? If your answer is none, STFU!

    A critic is someone who can’t do the job so they talk negatively about the people who do and are getting paid more than they do. Critics are haters who wish they could do the job that the people do who they write about but they can’t. That goes for sports critics, music critics, food critics and all cynics.

    Comedy is not politically correct and that’s what makes if funny. The field is wide open. If you don’t like Seinfeld, Ellen Degeneres, Eddie Murphy, Bill Cosby, Don Rickles, Dick Van Dyke or anyone else do us a favor and don’t listen to them. Find someone you think is funny and watch them and stop criticizing people who have a difference of opinion from you.

    I don’t listen to them nor can be considered a fan. I’m a comic and write my own stuff about relationship, gender and ethnicity. It's non-fiction, adult centered urban entertainment based upon reality. Yes, my stuff is funny and can be offensive as well.

    I rest my case.

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    @IrishSweetness - Perhaps you should actually read the Constitution before commenting on it? The income tax is neither illegal, nor is it un-Constitutional. The Federal Government has the Constitutional authority to print money as it sees fit. If you actually tried listening to something other than wing-nut talking heads, you might actually learn something. Your knowledge of the Federal Reserve is also non-existent. I really do get tired of the un-informed wing-nut gallery talking at length on topics they know nothing about.

  • "I never heard of Katt Williams before. Apparently he's a comedian.
    But he's not funny at all." *** <--- Your opening statement is just funny as hell. I'm not a big fan of Katt but I put both *Katt is and is not funny* to see who likes him and why. He seems to like to use the F word a bit too much. You showed up number 1 link in ..can you guess which one of the 2 searches?? I think Katt is kind of funny but feel he needs to stop using the F word as a dependency or a crutch for laughs. I don't like racism either. or "Ethnic Pride" like the NaZi had. BTW What's up with Latin Pride? You're a walking contradiction for showing a comedian upset you. He's a comedian. would you go see the pope and expect a crude joke from him? would you walk up to a police officer and ask him to bake you a cake while he's on duty? You never heard of Katt before but you don't like him because .... (insert second hand comment here). And Spain is European. You look white not Native American. You might have some but I have Cherokee in my blood. My Great Grandmother was full blooded. Yet that means nothing as far as I go so why should it for you?

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