@MayorEmanuel in Chicago, now in New York @ElBloombito Twitter parody

@MayorEmanuel in Chicago, now in New York @ElBloombito Twitter parody

Chicagoans are familiar with @MayorEmanuel, the parody Twitter feed created by my former Columbia College Chicago colleague Dan Sinker during the election campaign of our now Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Now a New York woman has created a Twitter account to make fun of how New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg speaks Spanish.

In a blog post today I gave the mayor credit for his attempt en español, which is far more than what we see or hear in Chicago.

I wrote his accent isn't so bueno and the Twitter feed pokes fun at how the mayor mangles Spanish. It's more a broken, stop and start Spanish.

The humorous Twitter feed called @ElBloombito was created by Rachel Figueroa-Levin, according to Fox News Latino.

Here are some samples of her Tweets, which she just started on Saturday under the name Miguel Bloombito.

No cars que allowed para drivando en el parque del central. Bicycletos y pedestrianos eres okay. Que Exerciso!
Aug 29

El hurricano esta mucho worse. No vamos en el street. No es cute! Remaindo where tu are locatedo!
Aug 28

Hola Newo Yorko! El stormo grande is mucho dangeroso! #nyc #irene #bloombito #inwood
Aug 27

It's pretty funny but who knows how long it will last. It's a one-note joke about a one-time news event. Still it made me chuckle.

But I give Bloomberg credit for trying to speak Spanish. Considering how many politicians around the country are attacking Latinos and immigrants, here in the Big Apple there is one trying to connect with them.

So what if his Spanish no es tan bonito.


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