Tequila Party!?! ... I'll drink to that

Tequila Party!?! ... I'll drink to that

When I first heard about a "Tequila Party" I thought it sounded like fun.

I'd go if it's a Happy Hour, I thought. I'm always up for tasting the 100 percent agave drink from Jalisco, Mexico.

But the "Tequila Party," is not a fiesta. It's an alternative political party founded by a former Republican in Arizona.


Yes that's right.

Dee Dee Garcia Blase started the party in response to the Tea Party and their position on immigration.

"We have no choice but to empower ourselves and work on a massive national movement to counter the message of the Tea Party. We believe the Tea Party is an anti-immigration movement," Blase told National Public Radio in an interview.

They say the goal of the Tequila Party is not to support candidates on the left or right but to encourage Latinos to register and vote.

We know that Latino voters can have influence. In separate news in Arizona last week, Latino voters helped recall Senate President Russell Pearce, the politician behind that state's anti-immigration law SB1070.

Citizens For a Better Arizona collected enough signatures to force a recall election of Pearce in November.

One of the leaders of the recall movement is Randy Parraz, a young activist who ran and lost a U.S. Senate bid in Arizona. I interviewed him last year for this blog.

Activists like Parraz and Garcia are working independently to mobilize Latino voters and stand up against anti-immigration politicians. Parraz is a Democrat and Garcia was with the Republican Party so they have their political leanings. But we need more political activism in the Latino community.

We'll see if they'll be toasting a tequila victory come this fall election season.

Personally I like Azul (see picture) or Cazadores.


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  • Cerveza para mi ;-)

  • Personally I prefer not to drink to be aware of what these racists politicians are doing not only to the immigrants but to the hispanic community in general. Now if the Tequila party was founded by a Republican, I have my doubts about their genuine intentions in favor of the immigrants. So it was founded by a Republican and let me guess their logo is a swastica?? It doesn't make sense at all!

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