Gil Scott-Heron's Revolution...¡Que viva la revolución!


La revolución will not be televised
You will not see la revolución on Fox News, CNN or even Univisión
La revolución is not telenovelas, reality TV or talk radio

La revolución is not Sarah-zona
La revolución is not Jan Brewer's SB1070
La revolución will not be upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court

La revolución is not Cinco de Mayo
La revolución is not Taco Bell
La revolución will not be brought to you by Corona

La revolución is not militarizing borders
La revolución is not racial profiling
La revolución will not be enforced by the U.S. Border Patrol

We can't have a revolución if we kill student's DREAMS
We can't have a revolución with 12 million undocumented
The U.S. Congress will not bring us la revolución

La revolución will make us all fight for equality
La revolución will give us esperanza
La revolución will teach children to write poetry

La revolución will not be televised
La revolución could be brought to you on Twitter, Facebook and even blogs
La revolución es tu y yo

Adios Gil Scott-Heron. My original poem is respectfully dedicated to the great poet, musician and fellow Chicagoan who wrote "The Revolution Will Not be Televised."

¡Que viva la revolución!


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  • Even in death Gil Scott Heron continues to inspire me. Thank you for remembering Mr Heron. He would be proud of how you are using his words to inspire others.

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