Los Bulls, Los Suns, Los Lakers, the NBA celebrates Noche Latina


That's the Spanish-language pronunciation for the NBA.

And in the month of March they are celebrating Latino culture and several of the teams have translated their names to Spanglish.

Los Suns, Los Spurs, Los Lakers, Los Mavs, El Heat and Nueva York are the teams wearing Spanglish jerseys as part of a NBA campaign called Noche Latina.

And Chicago's Los Bulls are wearing their jerseys on Monday night when they play the Philadelphia 76ers.

The teams are wearing their jerseys on game nights when there are special events with Latin music and promotions at the various arenas.

At a time when some politicians are demonizing immigrants and bashing Mexicans, it's refreshing to see Latino culture celebrated.

In May 2010, the Phoenix Suns wore their Los Suns jerseys to show support for the Latino community after Arizona's anti-immigration law was passed.

According to the NBA, the league has more than 20 million Hispanic fans, around 15 percent of the fan base.

The NBA is marketing to them and selling the Spanglish gear online.

They have an éne•bé•a Facebook page with 280,000 fans.

They also are acknowledging the Latino and Latin American players in this campaign. Six U.S.-born Latino players and 19 players from Spain and Latin America are on 2010-11 season rosters.

Go baloncesto! Or do you say basquetbol?

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