Rahm Emanuel wins but Latino candidates garnered more votes than African-American candidate


Rahm Emanuel

So it's Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel.

I had hoped we'd see a runoff so voters could get a closer look at the top two candidates. But Chicagoans have voted.

What I find most interesting is the turnout. What fascinates me is that both Latino candidates, Gery Chico and Miguel del Valle, garnered more votes than the African-American candidate Carol Moseley Braun.

Emanuel won with more than 317,000 votes. Chico had more than 138,000 and del Valle had more than 53,000 votes. But Moseley Braun came in fourth place with just over 50,000 votes. (This is with 98 percent of the precincts reporting, according to the Associated Press.)

Consider these numbers. There are approximately 600,000 registered African-American voters in Chicago, 500,000 white voters and 300,000 Latino voters.

Only 50,000 people total voted for Moseley Braun. Based on demographics alone she should have been a more of a force.

But obviously a significant number of African-American and also Latinos voted for Emanuel.

The exit polls should reveal more details.

Even though Chico and del Valle lost, they showed the growing influence of Latino candidates and also the growing potential of the Latino vote.

It's something for future candidates to watch and significant to city politics that both Latino candidates had more votes than the African-American candidate.

The "consensus" strategy of established African-American leaders looking for one candidate to support was not a winning one.

Still the disappointment of this election was voter apathy. Early estimates showed around 40 percent of registered voters turned out. Emanuel won with one of the lowest number of votes in mayoral history.

You'd think more people would want to have a voice in electing a new mayor after more than 20 years of Daley rule.

But those who did vote obviously supported Emanuel. He spoke to all of the city on election night and these words struck a chord for me.

"It is easy to find differences but we can never allow them to become divisions," Emanuel said.

Hopefully, he'll find a way to bring the city together and solve the social and financial issues that plague many of the city's neighborhoods.

It won't be an easy job.


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  • Mosley Braun has become totally irrevelant! A failed political career and a failed tea business on top of that! She should hide her head in shame now that Rahm's the new boss. She should have stayed at home or done more marketing for her tea company instead.

    But maybe since people know about her business, maybe they'll start buying tea from her and help her with her huge bills!!!


  • I think the first mistake was that people thought Carol would automatically get the African American vote....uhhh....NO. Where has she been? I did not even know she still lived in Chicago! She did not want to give any of the information they were asking for, she was being very secretive. Then the NAIL IN THE COFFIN was the way she spoke to Patricia Watkins. She did the "sista girl, neck role". REALLY?!!! No, REALLY?!! That is not the mayor I want representing the city that I was born and raised in...the city that I LOVE. As an African American woman I hung my head when I saw that. It was just sad. I voted for Rahm because I feel like he is the best man for the job right now. If he does not work then he can get voted out...but I have faith in him.

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