Puente and Obejas discuss mayoral race and Latinos on Chicago Tonight

A few weeks ago I asked the question on my blog, could Chicago elect its first Latino mayor?

I discussed this topic on WTTW's Chicago Tonight Tuesday along with author and Vocalo blogger Achy Obejas. You can link to our interview with Elizabeth Brackett here.


There are now four possible Latino candidates, City Clerk Miguel del Valle, Congressman Luis Gutierrez, Chairman of the City Colleges Board Gery Chico and chairman of the Illinois Commerce Commission Manuel Flores.

Del Valle and Chico have declared. Gutierrez has all but declared. And Flores is out there too making his appeal.

I'm not endorsing any of these candidates yet. One question that wasn't asked last night but that I've heard: Will they divide the Latino vote?

I'm sure that they will but I don't agree that is inherently negative. Would we ask four white  candidates if they would divide the white vote?

No. We wouldn't. So I don't think that's a fair question.

I think it's a sign of the growth and power of the Latino community that
we have so many possible candidates that have experience in politics
and public service.

Any candidate for mayor is going to have to win over more than just Latino voters.

Just do the math. Latinos are a third of the city population but only around 15 percent of the registered voters.

So let the campaigning begin.


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