From "terror babies" to "anchor babies," politicos are demonizing Muslims and immigrants

Lately some Americans are afraid of "The Others?"



I'm not talking about the movie with Nicole Kidman that deal with ghosts. I'm talking about something more scary.

That is how Muslims and undocumented immigrants are being demonized by politicians and pundits.

They are being called terrorists, criminals, "anchor babies" and even "terror babies."

Under debate are basic principles of religious freedom and U.S. citizenship.

Some would forbid a mosque two blocks from the World Trade Center. Others want to alter the 14th Amendment that grants U.S. citizenship to anybody born here.

What's frightening is that top political leaders support these ideas. Democratic leader Sen. Harry Reid came out against the mosque. And Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham came out in favor of revisiting the 14th Amendment.

Here are a few more recent examples of what other lawmakers or candidates around the country are saying.

A Republican candidate for the Florida House of Representatives, Marg Baker, says we should build "camps" to house undocumented immigrants to "collect enough illegal aliens until you have enough to ship them back."

A Republican candidate for the Arizona Corporation Commission, Barry Wong, suggested that the utility company shut off power to undocumented immigrants.

And two Texas Republicans, State Rep. Debbie Riddle and Congressman Louie Gohmert, went on Anderson Cooper's show to make claims about "terror babies." Allegedly, terrorist organizations are sending pregnant women to the U.S. to have babies so they can be born as U.S. citizens and be bred to commit acts of terror. Of course this is completely unsubstantiated.

In this election year it seems politicians will say anything to gain favor. They are reaching out to the right wing or most extreme elements who actually believe this stuff.

Reasonable people need to stand up to this madness and speak out against bigotry.

It's not just scary but terrifying.

Horror movies don't keep me awake at night. But talk of "camps" and "terror babies" is enough to give me nightmares.


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  • The 14th was never intended to provide citizenship to any who happen to be born here. So the fix is simple enough, just clarification. No other country on earth does this, there is no reason we should either.

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